You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful

As a last sort of attempt to capture special memories for my boy before going to “big school”, I went to his school to take photos of him and his friends enjoying their last day. Approaching them with my big camera, I was overwhelmed by a sea of four year olds, bombarding me with many questions:

  • “Who are you?”
  • “Why do you have a big camera?”
  • “Are you BJ’s Mom?”
  • “Why are you taking photos?”
  • “Please take a photo of me?”

I could literally just “point and shoot” as I got the most amazing beaming little faces staring at me. Nothing like a bunch of kids to keep you present in the moment!

One little girl came up to me and out of the blue said: “You are so pretty!”. I couldn’t help but smile! Somehow, however, it also felt foreign. I asked myself, why this funny feeling? On my way back home I started thinking about why it felt strange to hear someone say that to me?

Truth is, I haven’t been called beautiful in a long time. People have many words for me: loyal, hardworking, assertive, determined, feisty, driven, strong, but not beautiful. At first my ego just wanted to reject the compliment, but then I just thought for myself: “Yes, I am beautiful.” And it took a little 4 year old to remind me of that! Instead of analyzing it or making it into a drama, and going into my head about it like:

  • “No, I’m 15 kgs overweight”
  • “I have a double chin”
  • “I didn’t put make-up on this morning” etc.

I just thought to myself: “You know what Leonie, just take it – TAKE IT!” The universe is taking the time to pause and let you know that you are your own brand of beauty! You are beautiful in YOUR WAY and this 4 year old could see it, because she is not polluted yet by what the world describes as beauty. With her pure, open heart, she just saw a loving mother, reaching out to make her little boy feel loved, and to her THAT WAS BEAUTY!

And even though I’m not Miss Universe kind of beauty – I am my universe kind of beauty! And we forget that about ourselves! We get SO hard on ourselves sometimes! Thank you little girl for reminding me of  who I am!

When last have you looked at your reflection and seen yourself as “beautiful”? Or do you look at and name all the imperfections you see in the mirror?

If you are curious about the quality of your inner dialogue (which ultimately creates your outer world). Contact me, we think people can’t “hear” what we think, but the Universe does, and that ultimately creates the quality of the life you are living! If you are not happy with your life right now, start looking inside!

Love and Moonlight,


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