Introduction to Healers Academy

Have you always wanted to be a healer? Do you want to help other people find health, inner peace and empowerment? Do you want to grow on your own evolutionary path?

Introduction to Healers Academy

Have you always wanted to be a healer? Do you want to help other people find health, inner peace and empowerment? Do you want to grow on your own evolutionary path?

What is Healers Academy?


Humans are advanced beings with remarkable abilities. We are capable of so much more than what we’ve ben lead to believe. Great people like Jesus who mastered his negative ego, used his light to heal people and perform miracles wherever he went. It was not only because he was the Son of God that he could do these special things. He specifically said that we should be able to do what he has done and more! This is your chance to learn from the same ancient schools that Jesus learnt, and this will give you the opportunity to serve humanity, to heal and create miracles for yourself and others!


The first step is to receive a Life Activation for yourself. The Life Activation (or DNA Activation as it was previously called) was discovered by King Solomon and his team who found that as humans, we have a 24 Strand DNA system. They worked out how to activate 22 of these strands. Through the centuries, this healing was only made available to priests and priestesses who were serving the community, today, the Life Activation is available to all.


Life Activation inspires people to move past barriers and achieve breakthroughs in their life. It awakens the dormant potential in each of us – making its way through blocks, issues, and weaknesses that we may not be aware of.


Once you received this activation, you can access a to day class which will be the next step for you to attend Healers Academy 1. This class is called Empower Thyself and during this training you will be initiated into the mysteries of the universe. You will receive an ancient sacred healing that will prepare you for the final steps towards taking part in Healers Academy 1. During Healers Academy 1 you will learn how to do the Life Activation for other people.


Once you completed Healers Academy you can persue other paths in the school (all of
which are explained on the first day of the Empower Thyself class).


At Sumika Soul Spa, we provide the Life Activation Healing, the highly recommended
Empower Thyself Workshop, all Healers Academy 1 Pre-requisite classes which will prepare you to enter Healers Academy 1.

There is a path that can lead you straight to the answers of the great mysteries of the world!

You can now explore the nature of this path to see if it is something you would like to experience in this life time!

The Particulars

Includes: A wide variety of teas are available and light snacks will be provided.


Investment: R350 (inquire about specials and package deals if you are interested in more than 1 offering)


Prerequisite: None

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