Inspiration Package

Where do you draw your inspiration from? What if you could access your own unique flavour of inspiration inside of you?

Inspiration Package

Where do you draw your inspiration from? What if you could access your own unique flavour of inspiration inside of you?

About the Inspiration Package

Where do you start?

Are you living an inspired life? Are you being inspired by other people’s success, or are you simply busy with a process of comparison? To draw inspiration from other people’s success is great, but it is much better to access your own internal flavour of inspiration  as this will be very specific to your unique contracts and purpose in this life! And it doesn’t leave the door open for negative energy created by comparison!


The other important question is: are you inspiring other people with your actions?


I used to look around me and I often saw a world that left me uninspired! I soon realised that this is because humans lost our connection to the divine – thus trapping us i thoughts of limitation. How much more inspirational would we not be if we started to think without limitations? If we are fully aware of who and what we are on earth – we would be blooming, growing and creating in all different directions and dimensions!


Each of us should be a genius in our own field, and in our own right! But why are we not? Perhaps you showed great potential and gifting, but its kind of faded like a one hit wonder into the background, regressing by relying on former glory?


Life is meant to be lived, we are meant to express our individuality and full authentic self. Each of us holds a key to unlock great beauty in the world! Unless we have the courage to step into that destiny, others around us might not be able to fully unlock their gifts!


How about charging up that old flame, igniting life with a new source of power and passion! If glorious, you can leave a permanent legacy on earth when you depart.


For your convenience we have taken the time to put together the following package to best assist you with your progress on the path.

Included in this package

This package consists of healings to support your growth:

Life Activation

Crystal Reading

Crystal Healing

Potatoe Healing

Fire Soul Activation

Unified Chakra Awakening

Spark of Life

Full Spirit Healing

Isis Healing



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