Personal Protection Package

This package is designed to empower you to create your own personal protection field around your body and where you live or work

Personal Protection Package

This package is designed to empower you to create your own personal protection field around your body and where you live or work

About the Personal Protection Package

Where do you start?

What is the first thing that a King does when he builds a castle? He creates a wall around his Kingdom to mark off his territory, right? His Knights cover themselves in protective armour and they train to face the enemy. After that he doesn’t sit back and go “oh wait, now I am protected”. NO, he puts up more guards to enforce the boundary walls against his enemies!


Often as humans, we act surprise when people overstep our boundaries. But here’s the thing – it is your responsibility to enforce your boundaries (or to do what you need to do to stake claim to your land!)


In this story – is the King reactive and naïve? Or is he proactive, alert and aware? More so, prepared for the unknown and all eventualities?


This is what is needed for us as humans. There are ancient sacred ways in which you can:

  • Activate a protective force filed around you as a person (in your aura)
  • Claim the boundary line in your physical structure/home/workplace for negative energies to stay out – it is called gridding.


There are many miracle stories of initiates who walked out of motor vehicle accidents unscathed, survived harsh physical attacks, robbers fleeing the homes which they entered, children who couldn’t sleep from nightmares and “seeing things” who started getting a good night’s sleep and many more. Personally, I feel every child leaving home to go out into the world for the first time e.g. students, should get these tools in their pocket. Every small child before 5 should have a Baby Blessing to protect them from the incessant onslaught of society to change their true spirit/essence when they are young. This is also when their programming starts – the Baby Blessing will stop external influences from interfering with your child’s divine purpose! There is so much we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones – don’t be caught off guard. I don’t regret any of the protection mechanisms I gained for my family – it kept us safe through incredible ordeals.


Just in normal everyday life sometimes we find ourselves in a conflict situation and it is hard to break free from the fear, control, resentment and the anger we feel towards another.


For this package we will work on supporting you and the work will be done with you. Taking these proactive measures will serve you greatly in a time of need. Don’t be naïve – there is great danger out in the world, and it is not always lurking where and how you expect it to be.


This is just one of those packages that you might not understand until you need it. For your convenience we have taken the time to put together the following package to best assist you with your progress on the path of life.

Included in this package

This package consists of healings to support your growth:

Life Activation

Emotional Cord Cutting

Negative Spell Removal

Purification by Light

Negative Residue Removal

House Gridding


Training interventions included in this option:

Empower Thyself



*Ts & Cs Apply

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To be unusual you must do the what is unusual.

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