Deep Cleanse Package

If your aura is compromised or blocked, you can struggle to hold enough energy to create flow or movement in your life

Deep Cleanse Package

If your aura is compromised or blocked, you can struggle to hold enough energy to create flow or movement in your life

About the Deep Cleanse Package

Where do you start?

These blockages can affect finances, relationships, emotions, creativity, joy, peace etc. in our life.  It can be very practical and very “spiritual” in nature – depending on what you are looking to find in life. It all comes back to the energy field we have around our body!


In our auric structure we carry hurts (energy blocks – emotions are energy that we feel) and trauma which if unhealed, will cause a disruption in the flow of energy in our life. This can influence our health, relationships and money matters severely.


The cycles of abuse, disempowerment, disease, poverty will continue for as long as you carry the energy with you! Like attracts like! You attract what you are. If you can break the cycle and lift your frequency – you will start to attract partners, money, experiences on your new frequency. Your children will experience a lift in their frequency because they are next in line in your bloodline.


The Life Activation will start by laying a good foundation for the subsequent sessions to follow up in a series. The Sacred Geometry training will awaken the sacred geometries (creation language of God) within you and you will learn the tools to protect and make any room into a sacred space to live and work in. This will greatly support the flow of energy in your Auric system.


*All payments must be made upfront, Package deals are valid for a period of twelve months, Package should be accepted as a whole

Included in this package

This package consists of healings to support your growth:

Life Activation

Emotional Cord Cutting

Negative Spell Removal

Purification by Light

Etheric Reconstruction

Celestial Code Region

Negative Residue Removal

Isis Healing


Training interventions included in this option:

Empower Thyself



*Ts & Cs Apply

How do we compromise

our auric structure?

  • Tears & holes in the aura can be caused by just simply living life (we don’t necessarily have to have done things wrong or had bad experiences)
  • When we feel intense emotions, it can damage our aura
  • Traumatic experiences in life
  • Holes make the leaking of energy more common and easy
  • All Caffeine (especially hot caffeine)
  • Supplements could do damage
  • Any type medication can cause damage
  • Tobacco
  • Extremely hot and spicy food can cause damage
  • Drugs & alcohol (in any amount) will cause damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical trauma including recovery from an operation/surgery
  • Motor vehicle accidents or a hard fall or bump like falling off a horse, could cause damage
  • Electronics – electromagnetic waves we are constantly surrounded by can cause
    disturbances in your auric energy field

Is this for you?

  • “I am tired” – frequently or constantly
  • Feelings of depression – frequently or constantly
  • Constant or regular conflict in your life
  • Resistance to personal progression and growth (stagnation or apathy)
  • Physical disease comes into the physical body ie. chronic diseases, general bad health
  • Lack of flow of abundance (money, energy, beauty, creativity)
  • Constantly feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with life
  • Restlessness, sleeplessness – frequently or constantly
  • Living in constant fear
  • Living in survival mode (lack of abundance)
  • Lack of passion and drive
  • Weight issues (over and underweight)
  • Addiction to video games, electronics
  • Any addiction

The benefits

  • Gives you access to new energy!
  • We need energy to create anything!
  • We need energy to change things in our life!
  • If you repair your auric structure and take action, you can create abundance in your life.
  • Healing will help you with the flow abundance, happiness and health in your life!
  • Basically, you will be able to reinvent your life, exactly as you please, and you won’t have to be a victim of circumstances or “bad luck”.

For your convenience we have taken the time to put together the following package to best assist you with your progression in this life.

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