Max Meditation System™

One of the keys to world peace is Meditation

Max Meditation System™

One of the keys to world peace is Meditation

What is Max Meditation System™?

“Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen.” Kelsey Grammer

One of the keys to world peace is Meditation. It is because we can only create peace outside if we have peace within ourselves.


The Max Meditation System™ is a simple, yet very effective way to meditate. This system is a combination of ancient meditation methods that will leave the beginner amazed by how easy it is to meditate. This also offers the more experienced meditators the opportunity to enhance their existing methods.


What is Max Med?

  • Developed by Dr Gudni Gudnason who has travelled world wide for 35 years
    exploring the phenomena of the mind and people
  • Gudni learned ancient methods from prominent teachers in India and Tibet and has received degrees in NLP a Psychology in Europe
  • It combines all type of meditation
  • Teach you how to truly meditate
  • Based on fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga and Mind Acrobatics combined with modern techniques of Psychology & Neuro-linguistic Programming


5 Stages/Components of Meditation:
Relaxation – 10 Minutes
Correct Breathing – 3 Minutes
Passive Meditation – 10-20 Minutes
Active Meditation – 30-40 Minutes
Guided Visualization (Journey) – 30-40 Minutes
Soothing Down – 3-5 Minutes


We do Max Meditation™ every Wednesday in Somerset West!
You are invited to join! All first time comers will have the session for free at Mayfair Wellness, 3 Bright Street, Somerset West.

TIME: 19:00 – 20:00pm

EXCHANGE: R100.00p/p face to face, free for participants online during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Your facilitators are either Ben or Leonie.

We are excited to bring you a new fresh experience every Wednesday evening.


We also do Drumming Circles (kids join) and Qigong from time to time. Come and use  this opportunity to “reboot” your brain after a busy day.


Text your details to Leonie 084 4517991 and we will add you to the Whatsapp group to receive regular updates. You can also request a special Max Meditation group in the privacy of your home (quiet space) if you want to make your own group of minimum 4 regular meditators together. Contact Leonie to discuss options in your area.



Take Control of Your Life

“The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you. ” Anon

What are some

of the benefits?

  • Feeling relaxed and positive
  • Relief from physical conditions related to stress
  • Reduction in both physical and emotional pain
  • Better ability to control own thoughts
  • Detachment from personal situations
  • Feeling happier and having peace of mind
  • An increase in concentration
  • Improved spontaneity and creativity
  • A sense of a greater connection to purpose
  • Increase in self confidence
  • Enhanced levels of energy, strength, vigour
  • Increase in clarity of thoughts

Is this for you?

  • High levels of stress
  • Struggle to focus
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Lack of creativity
  • Struggle to manifest – joy, abundance, finances in your life
  • Lack of flow in your life
  • Chronic physical pain / conditions that cannot be medically explained

The Particulars

Price: R100.00

Package Option: R800 for 10 sessions

Duration: 1hr every Wednesday

Regularity: Can be done as needed

Prerequisite Requirements: None

Practitioners: Leonie Jordaan & Ben Jordaan

Contact Us to join our Max Meditation System™ Sessions

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