Sanctuary Meditation

Eliminate the negative ego and live life as a more authentic version of you

Sanctuary Meditation

Eliminate the negative ego and live life as a more authentic version of you

Sanctuary Meditation


During this class you learn how to enter your sacred space to connect with your higher self. Most of us live in our lower self in the world. This process helps you to centre yourself and more so helps you to learn the frequency or nature of your own inner voice so that you can eliminate your negative ego (the distorted voice that makes you feel confused on the inside). By being able to connect to a higher frequency of you, you can live life as a more authentic version of you! It helps you disconnect from the drama of your life so that you can create the life you want!


In this 2-hour workshop we will give you the exciting experience of utilising a tried and tested meditation technique. You will have the opportunity to meet and work with your Higher Self. This has been some of the most emotional and healing experiences I’ve seen in a class. When students see their Higher Self for the first time it can be a beautiful homecoming! We are so taught to believe that we are unworthy, ugly, wrong, not good enough and eventually our internal voice echoes these external messages.


Meeting your Higher Self and building a relationship with your higher self is so important! Sometimes in life we sometimes need EXPERT advice and your Higher Self is an expert on your contracts with God! During this meditation you will also be introduced to your Guides so that you can have a clearer, direct line of communication to navigate through the events of life.


Sanctuary Meditation – because Google cannot answer your questions about you!

Calm yourself amidst the chaos of life

Meet and work with your Higher Self.

The Particulars

Includes: Includes: Tools of Transformation, Sanctuary Meditation and a Student Manual. We have a wide selection of lovely teas and we will be ready to serve you a cuppa. Light Snacks provided.


Investment: R550 (inquire about specials and package deals if you are interested in more than 1 offering)

Audit Fee: R145 (to resit the class if you’ve already attended it before)

Prerequisite: None

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