Soul Package

This package is for people who are seeking to nurture their soul body

Soul Package

This package is for people who are seeking to nurture their soul body

About the Soul Package

Where do you start?

This package is for the discerning soul who knows and understands the importance of investing in your personal progression. We spend a lot of money on our outward appearance, but we neglect our Soul which is a physical structure just like the body. The Movie 21grams is based on research that was done to scientifically proof that the soul body weighs around 21grams. Even though not much in weight (that we can measure with existing technology), this is the part of you that will exist for ever. Eventually – all distortions in the energy fields of the soul body, becomes physical density and shows up in the physical body and disease and ultimately death. Like going to the Gym is a preventative measure against aging, looking after your spiritual body will support you to have a good quality of life for as long as possible.


Apart from avoiding potential diseases, the care and upkeep of your soul body will prepare you for the next level of your life. Out with the old, stagnant, dormant energy – TO MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW! A new energy structure will attract new things on a higher frequency! That in itself is a very exciting prospect! It’s kind of like being an entrepreneur – to make money you must spend money until you make enough to sustain yourself independently! But everyone must start somewhere if you are not born into a family of wealth! To sit around and complain about the fact that you don’t have money will not solve the problem! Only action, dedication, discipline and investment of your own personal time will help you grow independently! The same is true for energy work (and pretty much anything in life!).


It starts with us and our willingness to invest in ourselves. Then we can go back to our family, community, workplaces to raise the standard of everyone’s thoughts and living. As parents we can’t really afford not to invest in ourselves! Mothers, I find especially struggling with this as we are so conditioned to serve and be the last to receive in line.


The Soul Package is like the step up from the Start-Up Package and this package is for
people who are seeking to nurture their soul with a bit more of a serious commitment. This will give your soul a complete overhaul and serious replenishment from the knock backs of life.


*All payments must be made upfront, Package deals are valid for a period of twelve months, Package should be accepted as a whole.

Included in this package

This package consists of healings to support your growth:

Life Activation

Emotional Cord Cutting

Negative Spell Removal

Purification by Light

Soul Retrieval

Isis/Guide Healing

Full Spirit Activation

Star Seed Healing

House Gridding



*Ts & Cs Apply

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