Galactic Package

If you have always wondered about why you feel like you don’t fit in, wonder no more!

Galactic Package

If you have always wondered about why you feel like you don’t fit in, wonder no more!

About the Galactic Package

Where do you start?

We are indeed not of this world and we will not continue to live in this world past our physical expiry date. What fascinated all the great minds and philosophers through the centuries are the questions:

Who am I?
What am I?
Where do I come from?
Where am I going?
What is my purpose?


We are beings from out of this world – we came from Spirit and that is where we are going! This could mean that we are unlimited in spirit, but sometimes get frustrated and challenged with the limitations brought on by having a physical body. Naturally everything that happens in our spiritual body, transfers to our physical body, it causes us to stand still and we tend to get stuck and cease to progress.


It is in times like these that we need to learn how to think bigger and remember who and what we are. Remember the purpose of why we came to this physical existence.


This package is aimed at people who are looking to prepare themselves for the new energy that is entering the planet. Businesses are at the cutting edge of technological developments and advancements. The Human Race is more hungry and ready for a new prosperous future than ever before. We struggle to have significant break throughs because we are still holding on to the old energies and thought patterns (schooling systems) of our mind. The fastest way to move forward from this condition is through receiving energy calibrations and through physical initiation.


The Galactic Package is designed to:

  • Help you see higher perspective solutions to your problems
  • Remind you of your unlimited potential and allow you to tap into that.
  • We all made a divine contact with God with a list of things we wanted to achieve on this earth. It is very important for us to connect to those and complete our mission.
  • Connect you to your divine being and blueprint.
  • Awaken your divine essence.


*All payments must be made upfront, Package deals are valid for a period of twelve months, Package should be accepted as a whole

Included in this package

This package consists of healings to support your growth:

Life Activation

Potatoe Healing

Laser Light Therapy

Spark of Life Healing

Star Seed Healing

Unified Chakra Awakening (KSHM)

Isis Healing


Training interventions included in this option:

Astral Travel

Advanced Astral Travel

Scared Geometry 1

12 Races on the Earth

Empower Thyself



*Ts & Cs Apply

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