We are so excited to announce our latest offering!


We are so excited to announce our latest offering!

We are bringing you beautiful opportunities to break away from it all!


Join our exciting spiritual retreats!

If we take ourselves out of the daily run of things in our life, it is so much easier to focus on our inner work completely. Yes, we love our children, but they also have their physical needs and demand attention. Yes, we have a business to run but again, all these factors are pulling us away from the moment and we often struggle to feel our true emotions.


Our spiritual retreats are designed with different time durations, locations and themes which ensures that it is always exciting! We have a big line up of international and local guests’ facilitators planned that will rock your world! Our retreats are customised to facilitate a special transformational alchemy in your life and include:

  • Different exciting locations
  • All catering and beverages
  • Collaboration with world class facilitators and thought leaders on their topics
  • Seamless co-ordination and registration processes
  • Soul and life transforming interventions
  • Exciting themes and current topics of discussion
  • Amazing friendships and bonds that form during these weekends with fellow seekers
  • Personal empowerment and a deeper understanding of yourself and your relation to the world
  • Reboot and refreshment of your emotional and energetic system (so that you can go back into the world with renewed vigour and focus)
  • A special gift package for each attendee
  • Some much-needed R&R and pampering during the weekend
  • Healings & Workshops included in the price


We also have customised VIP options – should you wish to experience a weekend of transformation but you don’t feel comfortable with other people around you – you can come and experience the weekend with our team and receive top notch VIP treatment and personal interaction every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to make special inquiry about this option.


Exciting themes you can look forward to:

  • Breaking the Box
  • Relationships – when relationships are not afloat anymore.
  • Heal Thyself
  • Busy being Busy – why I work hard but don’t have momentum.
  • Empower Thyself
  • Path of Regression – Am I the sum total of my hurts and experiences?
  • Family sessions to resolve recent and deeper lying conflict(s)


Why don’t you hop on over to our Calendar section of the page – all the details of planned retreats are logged there!


Can’t wait to see you there!
Love and Moonlight, Leonie Jordaan

Begin Your Journey of Transformation With Us

Come reboot and refresh your emotional and energetic system and go back into the world with renewed vigor and focus!

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