Sacred Space Package

What does it mean to have a sacred holy space? How do I make a space sacred and holy?

Sacred Space Package

What does it mean to have a sacred holy space? How do I make a space sacred and holy?

About the Sacred Space Package

Where do you start?

This offering makes me very excited! These days you see the most amazing wedding and function décor at events! The physical beauty of the space brings an excitement and magick as often stops are pulled out and you pretty much have flowers everywhere – from the walls to the roof to the ministers’ canopy – it all pretty much blooms!


But what makes me sad is if I scan the room energetically! Often all the debris of functions and events that came before this beautiful day is sitting in the space! And worse – it influences the current event and people negatively!


People focus on the physical beauty but not the spiritual beauty of the area and that is where the Sacred Space package is the final and penultimate form of finesse to top off the most perfect event!


During this process we create 3 sacred temples of Sauron in the space:
a) Temple of Pythagoras
b) Temple of Melkizedek
c) Temple of Noah


These temples have long been created for a specific purpose and used by Ritual Masters all over the world.


These temples were created by Magus Sauron, The Great, who tamed the whale and the falcon. He was a great master of alchemy and magick and he taught us many good things. These temples were his permanent space, or his home and he did all his work in the all the time.


These temples are amazing for: Birth Spaces, Healing Rooms, Ceremonies e.g. Birthdays, weddings, Bring protection, Meditation Room.


They help with protection, building community, sacredness and really transforms the space into a multidimensional vortex to bring in light, love, joy and abundance. In other words – it helps you to create a space of magick and miracles! Exactly the kind of thing you want for your most special day! I see brides planning their function for months – and when it comes to the actual event, the alchemy of the people together doesn’t gel and it sometimes creates a stiff and cold event!


Apart from serving you – It really is for guests too! To visit the temple is like an oasis from the roughness of life! It is a subtle but powerful gift to yourself and your guests on your special day! Your personal magick will be amplified on the day by setting these up.


We have to setup the temples and close it off at the event so we would need to have access to the premises afterwards.


If you are a naturally caring, social person – these temples will crank it up on the day! For your convenience we have taken the time to put together the following package to best assist you with your progress on the path.


*All payments must be made upfront, Package deals are valid for a period of twelve months, Package should be accepted as a whole.

Included in this package

This package consists of healings to support your growth:

Sacred Space / Temple Setting



*Ts & Cs Apply

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