Ensofic Ray Healing Modality™

The most powerful and highest ray of creation – the Ensofic Ray is the pure
ray from the source of ALL.


This session utilises an ancient process in which soul fragments from our spirit body are retrieved

What is Ensofic Ray Healings?

The Ensofic Ray Healing Modality™ (or Series) flows healing light from the most powerful ray of creation – it flows energy directly from Ensof – the source of all.

According to Master Mikao Usui (the original founder of Reiki), all disease and illness we experience are from three sources:


  1. Hereditary – inherited by our parents ona  DNA Level (bloodline)
  2. Concepts and prejudices we carry (of a mental nature)
  3. Our surrounding environment


This Reiki system of Mikao Usui is a fantastic healing system and is the same system that Master Usui and Jesus the Christ used to heal people with.  The shorter system of the Ensofic Ray healing series called “Reiki” was handed down to people and unfortuantely, became polluted as some information and symbols of the original hand downs became polluted over the years. Ensofic Reiki is the original practice and form of Reiki (translated “healing ray”), to heal physical and emotional diseases we carry.


How does it work?


This system helps us to restore us back to our original form (in other words heal). This allows us to progress and further evolve in the physical and spiritual parts of our energetic system. Through this healing that takes place in us, we can connect to the source of the universe. It is so much more than just “hands on” healing to help alleviate physical conditions, it will help facilitate you to move to the next level of your life. It really is like a fancy human version of the CTR+ALT+DELETE function on a computer system – but this is for your body, mind AND soul!


Through life, we accumulate a lot of relational debris, trauma and general wear and tear inside our subtle body structures. we end up “leaking” energy through these compromised patches which causes a whole ot of symptoms or fruits in our lives. For instance symptoms like: lack of financial and material abundance, broken relationships, depression, addictions, physical disease etc. Call it a declutter or “Marie Condo” of your mind!


With this realignment or adjustment, you can truly start to live life ALIVE!

Did you know that pain and suffering was not part of our original design from God?

We should not be in pain or suffer from disease. It is not our original state. Ensofic Ray Healing Modality™ is the upper upgrade of Reiki. It restores us to our original form by flowing energy directly from the Highest Source of Light (God). The system that Jesus used to create miracle healings with is available to us all today!

What are some

of the benefits?

  • Relief or complete clearance of physical pain
  • Mental clarity
  • A better flow of personal energy
  • Shifting of bad habits & behaviours
  • Feeling not so attached to the drama of life – moving on from conflict
  • Resolving victimhood, blame, shaming – externalising behaviours
  • Understanding self as a bigger and more powerful being
  • Expansive thought system
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Feeling connected with God again
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own actions & decisions
  • Seeing the bigger picture of your life

Is this for you?

  • For relief from physical pain and disease
  • Alleviate emotional suffering e.g. feeling out of touch with emotions and feelings (over or under emotional activity)
  • If you are feeling stuck in life (in your circumstances, in your mind)
  • Inertia (if you struggle to get up and take action)
  • Struggle to concentrate or focus on tasks at hand
  • Persistent Brain fog
  • Overactive or underactive imagination (creativity low perhaps as poet or artist you struggle to create new things)
  • Depression (slight or acute)

The Particulars

Price: R2,250.00

Duration: 1.5 – 2hrs

Regularity: can be done every 7 days

We recommend 1-3+ sessions for more serious situations. (If enrolled in the series x3 sessions will complete the series in full)

Prerequisite Requirements: None

Practitioners: Leonie Jordaan

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