Empower Thyself Training

Reclaim your true power

Empower Thyself Training

Reclaim your true power

Empower Thyself Training

Everything in life is energy. We use it, we create it, we redirect it, we absorb it

Everything in life is energy. We use it, we create it, we redirect it, we absorb it. Emotions and money are probably the most hidden forms of energy with the biggest impact on our daily life. When we struggle to manage our own energy, we often see the symptoms (or fruit) of our choices in life. What are you experiencing in your life? Do you want more for yourself but don’t know how to get there? Do you feel stuck or perhaps lack joy, fulfilment or inner peace?


This two-day program shares true Mystery School teachings on how energy works and flows in your life. More so – how to better manage it and ultimately, how to manifest what you desire. As taught by a certified Mystery School Guide, the Empower Thyself program follows the tradition of the handing down of sacred teachings and tools from teacher to student in an ancient unbroken lineage.


How do you know if you can benefit from its content? You may feel depressed, lost, stuck, angry, jealous, lonely, confused, self-hatred, lack of money, constantly busy, you might lack focus or not feel connected to your purpose in life! You might experience constant conflict in relationships. These are all things that steals your joy! It is not part of the original you!


By doing this program, you will rub shoulders with the ancient masters of society: Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung to name but a few. All people who seemed to have a higher intelligence and access to knowledge that was not available to the common man.


We live in a society in dire need of change, in need of good people to step forward and who can be in their power to make the world a better place for future generations. Come and find the keys to your purpose and learn about the natural path and progression of humans on this earth. Why are we here? What did we come to do? Why do we endure struggles and hardships? Do we have the power to overcome and manage the challenges we face? What choices do we have as a human race?


The biggest influence on our daily life is the influence of our past – this includes positive and negative experiences. The negative ego is a powerful and dangerous influence because we think it’s the true us! It will tell you all sorts of stories and make up excuses why you shouldn’t progress or change your life for the better! It shows up as: it’s a load of rubbish, these people are crazy, it’s not for me, I will do it when xyz, or my personal favourite: it’s not the right time! When is a good time to invest in yourself? When is a good time to change your life for the better? When is a good time to change your tomorrow? TODAY!



  • Reclaim your true power – learn and study in the same system masters have trained in for 3000 years
  • Discover and live in your highest truth
  • Learn to let go of masks / the untrue parts of yourself
  • Let go of limited beliefs about yourself
  • Connect with your higher purpose
  • Help you express/show your true essence
  • Gain 10 times more energy to empower your life’s
  • Learn how to work with positive forces, grow your chi and protect your energy field
  • Receive exclusive tools and teachings reserved for Mystery School initiates
  • Tools to help you make it clear to you what is your baggage in life and what is someone elses
  • It will help you repair your state of joy and find inner peace


If something inside you is crying out for nourishment this is the course that will alter your life for ever!

REMEMBER: Between Discipline and surrender there is a wonderful sweet spot and it is called FLOW! Find your flow today!

Don’t be afraid to start over, you might like your new story!

We don’t create abundance; abundance is always present. We create limitations.

The Particulars

Includes: Meditation, experience taster of the modalities, tools of transformation and a Student Manual/Notes.


Investment: R7500 over 2 days (includes: manual, special healing & initiation)

Audit Fee: R1850 (to resit the class if you’ve already attended it before)

Prerequisite: Life Activation

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