House/Property Blessing

Enhance your home or place of work by creating a sacred space.

House/Property Blessing

Enhance your home or place of work by creating a sacred space.

What is a House/Property Blessing?

When you clear the space surrounding you, you are clearing your life.

Enhance your home or place of work by creating a sacred space, bringing Spirit more directly into where you live and work. When you clear the space surrounding you, you are clearing your life. It is the equivalent of spring cleaning your house. With this session, you can actually feel the vibration change and the energy rise as more Light begins to accumulate in the space. Children particularly notice the difference in energy and are reported to be more settled at night as they are exceptionally sensitive to energy and influenced by it.


Sumika has also set out to support other business owners to convert their places of work from merely functional and often toxic spaces, into a harmonious environment. We create a permanent structure that will anchor God’s Light in your space. After all, we often spend most of our days at work.


Service Includes:

  • Clearing of all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space
  • Cleansing of energies present
  • Affirmation and/or reaffirmation of the intent or purpose of the space
  • Blessing of the space and persons occupying it
  • Energetic alignment of the space to serve you at the optimal level

It is also an excellent service to clear the energy of previous home owners from your new home so it is more harmonious to live in or to help you sell your home.

Declutter your space energetically

Removing stagnant energy in your physical space will make space for new fresh energy to come into your life!

What are some

of the benefits?

  • A sense of calm and peacefulness in the house
  • Children sleeping better
  • Increased creativity in the workspaces
  • A sense of supernatural protection in spaces during moments of danger
  • Clarity from brain fog – clarity in thoughts
  • A feeling of a closer connection with God

Is this for you?

  • Children that are restless at night
  • A feeling that something is not entirely “right” in a certain room.
  • Children might “see” things in the house/rooms
  • If you want to live a more sacred lifestyle
  • If you want to enhance your daily life experiences by in a sacred protected temple space.
  • If you want to protect your property from outside influences and dangers
  • If you live in a space with a lot of exposure to electromagnetic fields

The Particulars

Price: Depends on how many rooms are gridded, how many of the grids the client chooses and how many crystals are required. We can design the best course of action for you with a free consultation.

Duration: Depending on size of room/property

Regularity: Can be done as regularly as is needed

Prerequisite Requirements: None

Practitioners: Leonie Jordaan

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