More on Crystal Healing 2

More on Crystal Healing 2

Sometimes we get hurt by harsh words, other times we are unknowingly affected by the destructive behaviour patterns of those around us. It does not necessarily have to be the “big” traumas in life. Even a hard bump or accident can throw our energy balance out. The use of drugs and alcohol in any dose, most certainly does the same.


There is a limit to the healing that modern psychology or “talking” about our hurts or trauma can bring. It is estimated that only 40% of talking about a problem can heal the situation – the other 60% can only happen through the healing of the person’s energy field.


If you want to get scientific about the actual working of crystals, think about the fact that everything moves. Nothing is 100% completely still. Even the particles of a table vibrate at a very low rate speed. Every person or item or object in life has got a magnetic layer or energy around it. In humans it is called the “subtle bodies”. These are thin energetic layers we have around our body – it is in our aura.


The Crystal Healing is good to help recover from:


  • Old Wounds
  • New Wounds
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Damage to the physical body e.g. accident or operation
  • Emotional body e.g. hurt from a friend, betrayal, abuse from a partner, abuse as child
  • Damage to the internal organs
  • Mental issues e.g. busy mind, anxiety, depression


There really is no other way to grasp the magnitude of this work, other than to experience it. You are welcome to try a 10-minute session at no cost if you are unsure.

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