Sacred Geometry 2

Receive the tools to become a crystal healer

Sacred Geometry 2

Receive the tools to become a crystal healer

Sacred Geometry 2


In this class you will learn about the sacred uses of crystals and you will receive the tools to become a crystal healer. From this hand down, you will be able to offer your healing services to others. During this class you will learn how to heal with crystals, dream with crystals, how to do safe crystal readings and how to put crystal grids up in a home or building structure.


During this 8-hour workshop, you will learn about the ancient rites and uses of crystals with the original activating keys as handed down from ancient societies. This is not a new age hand down, channelling or content conjured by an intuitive from a corner shop. These sacred teachings have been preserved intact through an oral hand down tradition which predates 3000 years of history. It is only by special permission that teachers are entrusted to hand this down to the public for use. It is because great care was taken in the preservation of these teachings that we can invite you to take part in this sacred honour of bringing healing and relief to those who are in pain and need. If you have a heart to be a healer, this class is the ultimate toolbox filler.


The crystals are ten times stronger than humans in its ability to recalibrate energy. This makes this modality a firm favourite amongst healers and professional practitioners. I often encourage parents to do this class because they can use this in real time to support their children who are sensitive, perhaps for soothing after outbursts and general support during emotional breakdowns. It brings a lot of soothing for our children who are sensitive to the distorted energies around us.

Heal With Crystals

Learn about the sacred uses of crystals and you will receive the tools to become a crystal healer to offer your healing services to others.

The Particulars

Includes: Meditation, Tools of Transformation and Student Manual and Healing Crystals.Reader Crystals are available for sale on the day. A wide variety of teas are available and light snacks will be provided.

Audits must bring their SG2 manual and crystals from first class attended.

Investment: R6550 + cost of Reader Crystals

Audit Fee: R2200 (to resit the class if you’ve already attended it before)

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1 (give enough time in between)

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