Indigo Support Package

All children born after 1976 are Indigo children

Indigo Support Package

All children born after 1976 are Indigo children

About the Indigo Support Package

Where do you start?

This package is aimed at parents who are parenting an Indigo child. All children born after 1976 are Indigo children – which means their souls carry an indigo soul structure. These children are born with a very specific purpose on earth, which normally includes the disrupting of the existing rules and systems.


These children are often seen as rebellious, non-conforming, out of the box, intelligent and they are incredibly psychic which mean they do not roll over and accept any lies told to them. For parents raised in the old “system”, it can be difficult to understand or support them on their path through life.


Both the child and the parent are both faced with severe challenges within the current systems that are often seen as stifling to these highly intelligent beings with rebellious hearts.


Our Indigo Children have such an important role to play in our society today, yet we have done so little to find out more about their inner workings and how to best adapt our systems for future generations. We are simply not willing to move away from our current ways which is normally not energy efficient and sustaining on ourselves (energetically) or on the planet (natural resources). These tech babies find it hard to fit in our structures and find them rigid and inhibiting, while their thoughts are energy efficient and free flowing. They really struggle with our lack of trust, our wars (conflict), our destruction of mother nature and the planet. They do not understand our greed and our need to destroy people’s lives at the cost of control.

If they are supported, these children often become phenomenal individuals who changes industries, society and the way we think and do things as humans. If they are not supported, they turn to substances for escape, and other destructive behaviours as they feel they don’t have any purpose or anything useful to bring to this life. This package is a non-negotiable for parents who are serious about walking this path of life side by side with their Indigo Child. Our children are here to teach us in  more ways than one.


This package consists of carefully selected healings to support your growth. This package includes a progression path for the parent(s) and child – as well as tools to empower the parent and child to work with each other. It includes a protection grid for the family’s house to keep the family safe.


*All payments must be made upfront, Package deals are valid for a period of twelve months, Package should be accepted as a whole

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