Why Healers Academy?

Why Healers Academy?

Something that we talk about in the Empower Thyself Class, is Healers Academy. The question is often asked: “Why should I do Healers Academy? I don’t want to be a healer, I’m a plumber or an advocate or a sportsman, how is it relevant?”

I’m a bit of a storyteller at heart, so I then proceed to share from my own experience and how I benefited from doing Healers Academy, while I was still in corporate.

Many people in my career don’t know me as a healer. When I was in school still, I started my own candle making business. I bought party decor and made candles for functions in the small town we lived in. At 16 I was a young almost financially independent little lady and I loved it. By the time I had to go to University, I was really frustrated with the fact that I had to study, and I could not continue to earn money from my business, which by then was well established. I could not pay someone a decent wage and make a profit as our target market was very small and the events at that time was limited. Bearing in mind this was thirty plus years ago, things have changed so much since then.

So I gave up my business and continued to study at university to become a home economics teacher. It took me a year of study to realize that I did not want to be a teacher of high school children and I quit – very much to the shock of everyone around me. Little did I know that I one day would make a living out of teaching people (adults), first in corporate and then in my private healing practice. The general direction was right, the audience and subject matter was just wrong!

Though my years in corporate I managed to build up a very successful consultancy firm, specializing in the advising of and implementation of government regulations, specifically regarding skills development, employment equity and occupational health and safety practices in businesses. Through a career of 20 years, I qualified myself as a specialist in these areas and it took me on many interesting adventures.

I can honestly say that I have learned so much about life from sitting in boardrooms.  I had access to the inside chamber of some of not only the biggest companies in South Africa, but also many international firms. I was often flown overseas to help the with the alignment of the policies and procedures of the South African subsidiary with it’s international head offices. Because of the impact of Apartheid on the South African labour market, we have quite specific regulations to implement which often did not make sense to an international leadership team. I was there to interpret and help them find common ground practices that would be workable in both worlds.

My main focus was around skills development and related strategies. This meant looking at the pain points of the business to ensure that we develop customised learning solutions to create the necessary change. This gave me unprecedented access to privileged knowledge and information and a very thorough understanding of the inner workings of structures and people in the business world.

Now, how is all of this relevant to Healers Academy? Part of the consulting process would involve a detailed analysis of almost every aspect of the business to ensure that it is in fact not a systems error that is causing the decrease in production, customer satisfaction index or whatever the pain point would be for my client at the time. This included managing a detailed stakeholder engagement process for every single business unit/function e.g finances, human resources, legal compliance, product knowledge, logistics, production, new product development, supply chain management, quality assurance, risk management, facilities management, learning & development – the list is long an lengthy.

I had to work together with these departments to create the governing policies & procedures for each department. This gave me a lot of detailed insight into the rut work of any business. You need a good understanding of every aspect in that department in order to assist with the strategic provision of human resources to deliver on the business objectives at the end of the day.  From the results drawn from the detailed analysis, we would consider the human input and trace the origin of the behavior that creates the distortion in the output system.

In the middle of the peak of my business ventures I attended Healers Academy 1. Coming back from class, I noticed a clear difference in my ability to observe, analyse and interpret the business data we gathered. I could also clearly see the energy (intent) of people behind conversations, interviews and interactions. Important information would just land in my lap so to speak. I came to conclusions and solutions for the client much quicker. I had more energy and I completed tasks and projects in much shorter project time than usual. This happened to the point that one day when I was in the boardroom with a team of system engineers, one of the engineers asked me during my presentation if I studied engineering and how I knew what I knew in the presentation. Clearly, it took above average insight to come to the solution conclusions I proposed and he noted it enough to ask me about my background education. I can assure you that I did not have any background or interest in engineering per se. In my days in school I was academically speaking a very average learner. So I therefor found this remark quite interesting.

And I have many practical stories that I can tell about how we went about solving problems regarding retention strategies, recruitment and selection and other related notorious HR challenges that ends up leaking funds from businesses unnecessarily. If you recruit the wrong person in a position, they end up resigning and this constant replacement (and upskilling/inducting new recruits into the organisation culture and practices) and adds a massive expense to the bottom line of the business. This means less profit and a decrease in customer satisfaction index (thus sales).

So what have I gained from doing Healers Academy?

  • My lenses of perception (how I view the world and how I read energy) has changed for the better.
  • My ability to “read” and follow the movement and blocks in energy flow has increased – a key skill for any problem solver and critical thinker.
  • My ability to sense when something is untrue has increased more than ten fold.
  • My intuition and general sense of direction or strategy has grown exponentially.
  • How I work with my energy (and money because money is energy) has changed – the business started making good profits and I started attracting more corporate clients because I got more and more referrals after successfully completing projects.
  • I started to feel more in tune with my physical body and what my internal senses were telling me about a place and a person or a situation.
  • I started to trust myself and my own decision making even more – because when I followed my intuition – even if it was up the stream – it brought me to the right outcome or solution.

And this is only for myself – that is not even mentioning the benefit that people I do Life Activations for have gained! I have so many people who can testify to their lives being changed after they received this life changing intervention!

The best part is that 12 years later, I still use all the above skills and it’s improved and heightened. Arguably, one of the best investments into myself I’ve ever made. Additionally to my own results, I’ve seen the effect in so many of my client’s lives. People who, have chosen to step forward to serve not only themselves, but the greater humanity.

What greater gift is there for someone than change? What greater purpose is there in life than to know that some little action that you took, had such a profound impact on other people’s journey? It does not matter if you don’t want to activate people, the healing and skills that you receive in Healers Academy 1 already outweighs the benefit of any other course or workshop I’ve come across in the corporate world. Simply because once that super power is activated, it will simply continue to grow inside you. It’s not like it is theory or content that you forget after a couple of years. The change is intrinsic to you and no one can take it away from you.

Love and Moonlight,


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