Where do you find the Answers?

Where do you find the Answers?

In my line of work I meet many different kinds of people. Sometimes, clients are really wealthy, but extremely bored with life. Sometimes people are extremely traumatized by their past and sometimes desperate in their current circumstances.

The one thing I do get asked a lot is: “Leonie, what should I do?

I am a very practical person by nature – typical Taurian personality some might say (lots of common sense) and I have mountains of workplace and relationship experience. I often find myself being drawn into a consultative role, which really is a sweet spot from my previous career. I was a corporate consultant in the field of vocational education for more than 21 years. The temptation as such would be to want to “have all the answers” or to “give all the answers” because answers and solutions are what I used to trade in exchange for money. Surely, having the right answers will make a person take the “right” action. RIGHT?

As the mystics would know…. not so much.

Human nature is of an interesting kind. Just because we have “the right answer”, in our pocket, often doesn’t guarantee that we will get up from our backsides and take action. It doesn’t mean we will start to take responsibility and it doesn’t mean we are ready to let go of our apathetic nature. My experience is: the more external answers you give a person – the more you end up enabling them (disempowering them) and the less likely they are to take corrective action by themselves. It is almost like asking people’s advice in itself becomes a way to deflect from doing one’s own inner work. The more you end up talking and consulting with people, the less time you spend in silence or meditation, the less likely the person is to connect to their higher self for answers. And the external voices are always highly corruptible. Only your higher self knows the best road forward in your life. People end up listening to so many opinions that it ends up making more mind clutter and even worse results for the person who really needs to find their way back to themselves. This really is not much different to what the modern psychology model does for patients. A lot of talk (sounds and warm air) and very little progress and tangible results for the individual.

You may not like it when someone you go to for advice, doesn’t tell you want you want to hear. You may even be a little upset if they for instance refuse to give you  money (even if you are genuinely in need). But that person might be doing you the biggest favor of YOUR life. For example: a father that keeps on giving to their child, without teaching them how to generate for themselves, are not really empowering the child to be self-sustaining? Perhaps leaving them to fend for themselves really is the best way to empower them?

I really like the quote:

“The answers to your life are within you. Only you know what makes your heart feel at home. Only you can hear your inner voice. The key is in asking the right questions.”

C. Nordyke

So sometimes, when someone comes to you for advice, the best advice is to not give advice but to show them how to find the answers inside themselves. Most of the time people don’t know how to do that and they also don’t know which questions to ask themselves. The key really is in asking the right questions.

The second hurdle is often: “But Leonie, I’ve gone into my sanctuary but I’m not getting anything!” And yes, you’ve guessed it – my answer is always: “go in again”!

Should you decide on to act on the direction given by your higher self – you will find that you will overcome way more than what you normally think you could. When you’ve heard that clear message from within, it is hard for the waves of life to shake you off course. When you know you know and that knowing comes from within. No guide, no guru, no teacher, mentor, coach or google can help you with that!

If you are curious to find your answers within – reach out for a cup of tea, who knows a whole world might be wrapped up inside of you, waiting to be unfold!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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