What We See

What We See

Earlier today I was taking a moment in the scorching heat to take a swim with my 7 year old. As I sat next to the pool I looked up to the sky and saw “images” of what appeared to be dragons, angels, you know, the usual thing we see in clouds. I decided to spend a couple more minutes, just to observe – perhaps there was more I can see? A few moments ticked by and I started seeing more and more figures that I could recognise.  I also saw a lot of formations that made absolutely no “sense” in my human mind. It didn’t have a form or shape that I could relate to as a human.

This made me wonder about a couple of things in my own life.  Was the universe spelling out a most magickal message out in the sky, but because the shapes didn’t fit any shape I could recognise with my human mind, did it not have a message from God? Was the universe (of God) “at fault” for not presenting itself to me as something I could recognise, or was it up to me to empower myself to recognise more forms or use my imagination? Was the universe not giving me any messages, it was simply a sunny cloudy sky?  Or was I just not receptacle to what it was trying to tell me?

As humans we know that if we show the same picture to ten individuals, most of the ten (10) people will have their own different interpretation of what they see. If we had to get uptight about it (which we humans often do, we are always ready to justify and assert our opinion as truth) what would all the different views of the same cloud mean?  Does everyone have the right to see what they see and accept it as truth? Is there one universal truth? Who determines what truth about a cloud formation is, and what not? Can someone decide what someone else’s truth about that cloud should be or not?

I found my journey in the teachings of Kabbalah to be quite helpful in the process of uncovering of my personal truths. Not only did it give me a completely different framework through which to measure truth, it also taught me that truth is (for me) a moving target. Just as I think I’ve hit what I believe to be my complete “bucket” of truths, life comes and bowls me out to discover yet another piece of my truth puzzle.

As result, I have learnt to keep an open mind about other people’s truth, how it relates to my truth and how my truth relates to the world. Currently the only measure I have to know if my truths are useful, is the fruits that it is bearing in my life. I went through the list of amazing things currently in fruition in my life. Having been in service for almost seven years, I am happy that I am is serving people according to my purpose. I am in integrity with what my soul set out to do. I have learnt to assess and be content with that status quo in my life. That is, until any other truth outside myself, makes its way into my awareness field. Then I adjust my truth and try to make better, informed decisions. I often thank the giver of that piece of truth, and move on. Because after all, who can claim that they hold the key for all people and all truth on earth?

I have found my journey with Kabbalah to be a profound tool to uncover old forgotten parts of myself, but I also found it to be a powerful change agent and catalyst for peace in my soul. Contact Sumika Soul Spa to get more details of the next Kabbalah course that will be offered by the Modern Mystery School in South Africa.

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