What does Women Empowerment mean to you?

How can women be empowered?


In the month of August, we celebrate woman. There is a renewed focus on human rights, and this includes the rights of woman and the challenges of women empowerment. As a society we still have too many cases of gender-based violence and child abductions. These are all horrible crimes with horrible consequences for the victims. 

Even though we might have been the victim of one or multiple of these atrocities, we can choose to become a prisoner of the past and/or we can heal and move on to live a positive life.

But what kind of individual does it take to “move past” a traumatic event? What kind of woman does it take to create a different future?

I have long admired a certain kind of woman – often from afar. As a child, I often wondered what made these individuals so attractive to me? Many years later I walked my own path and had to face my own hard choices, I realised that the thing that attracted me to these women was that they were what I would now call “empowered”. 

Empowerment, Empowered, Empowering…. What does it mean to the modern woman? What do these words really mean in practice? 

My “definition” of being an empowered woman is not official and by no means exhaustive but, if I think of an empowered woman, I think of someone who:

  • is not afraid to care
  • is not threatened by other people’s success
  • is not afraid to speak their truth 
  • is compassionate
  • is willing to stand up for what they believe is right
  • is able turn a negative into a positive
  • is able to see the bigger picture
  • is able to take responsibility when it is needed, but who can give people space to grow and learn to step in on their own doing
  • is positive but realistic about life
  • is able to find solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems
  • is able to forgive
  • is able overcome great adversity in their life
  • is living for a higher cause
  • is able to follow their own intuition 

What characteristics can you add to this list? Are there any of these characteristics that you identify in yourself? Are there any of these that you would like to cultivate more in your life?

If you know women like this in your life – why don’t you take the time to acknowledge them in a special way this month. We look forward to hearing your stories, post them in the comments below!

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