Way of the Warrior

Way of the Warrior

Movies about brave warriors and knights, fighting for a cause, has always captured my attention. I have spent the last 8 years exploring what it means to be a Warrior in an ancient lineage. And still, every day, something new gets revealed to me.


But what does it mean?


How can we reconcile being a warrior whilst being a healer at the same time? King Salomon in all his wisdom required all his warriors to train as healers and all his healers to train as warriors. Why could this be? If by God’s own admission he was the wisest man to ever live, could there be something to it?


I am by no means an Oxford dictionary, but based on living experience of walking the warrior path, I can  give my insight of what it means to me.


As a warrior, you will be exposed to the absolute worst in humanity. And you will choose to defend what you think is right under the given circumstances. This makes accurate information and an incredible sharp skill of discernment imperative. The two goes hand in hand.


As a healer, you will see what the absolute worst humans have done to each other, which also means you will see the absolute worst pain we can inflict on ourselves (we are not separate from our inflictors). As a healer you will choose to (despite your own pain and challenges), live for a greater good and extend your hand to others who are carrying their burdens in life. You extend your hand to say: “Come, here’s Light. I know it hurts but there is hope and you can create a new future”. To me that sounds like it will take quite a bit of courage. In fact, I KNOW it will take a lot of courage.  And I think this is where King Salomon had the wisdom to know that at it’s core – the heart of the Warrior and the heart of the Healer is exactly the same. It serves the same higher purpose and requires the same amount of sacrifice, courage and determination to get up again and again.

I was a normal, ordinary wife, mother-to-be and business woman when I was introduced to the path of King Salomon. I also tried to tell myself that “it’s not for me” and “I’m not like those people” and “its a bit too wooly for me”. But something deep inside me kept nudging me – it kept telling me that the world and my children needed someone who would have the courage to get up and believe in something good. It didn’t matter which shot tried to knock me down again and again – no matter what, something told me to keep going. “It” told me that if I was brave enough to follow my dreams – if I dared to walk the inner path – on the other side waited a life of fulfilment and joy. A life lived in line with my divine purpose and contract with God. Today I know that with every brave step I continue to take, I am creating a better future for my my children, and I’m carving out a legacy on the earth, that I will one day leave behind. Does it mean that I have a perfect life? No. By no means. Does it mean that I don’t have struggles and worries anymore? No. But do I have courage and endless trust in God’s ability to find a solution for every problem I face? Yes.  Do I have joy and purpose? Yes. Do I wake up in the morning, feeling a passion to change myself and my destiny on this earth? For sure.


Every day, I get out of bed with the brave reminder to myself: “You’ve got this Goddess”, and I put on my armour of faith to brace for yet another impact, another blow, which is inevitable if you are standing in the front line protecting your grounds. But with every blow I learn to keep standing amidst great adversity. I learn to be stronger and more ready for the next adventure.


So what does it mean to be a warrior? In my view? Getting up again and again and again and again. Redirecting punches intended to do damage, and making it into something good. Putting a peg in the ground to say – “NO MORE”.  Showing up with integrity, even if you don’t feel like doing so. Choosing to serve a higher cause than your own personal interests. Fighting to leave this world a little bit better than you found it. Nothing in my life comes close to giving me the satisfaction to see the difference I make in people’s lives. I am living 100% within my purpose and I continue to discover more and more amazing parts of myself while in service to others. To me, that is what it means to be a warrior/healer. If you want to explore your personal strength, it starts with a Life Activation and Empower Thyself. You too can find your inner strength, you can change your circumstances. If you have been taking punches for way too long, it’s time to stand up and punch back! The answers and strength for change lies within YOU!

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