To Chakra or Not Chakra – That is the question

To Chakra or Not Chakra – That is the question

Many people tell me that they feel “stuck” or that things don’t “flow” or “work out” in their lives. One of the main reasons why we are struggling to create abundance or a flow of energy (money) in and around us, is because our chakras get blocked.

Chakras? You mean I have a Chakra? And the answer is: Yes, we all have 7 Chakras.

What is a Chakra you say? I can give you the technical definition but you can also search for it on the internet. That is not what this post is about. The best way that I have found to describe what your Chakra is, is to imagine it like the “Prestic” or glue that sticks your soul to your body. We would have big problems if our soul was walking in one direction and our body goes into another!  The other thing that we forget is that we have a very important purpose or mission here on earth. We are spiritual beings with a spiritual purpose, having a physical experience. So a very big part of our job is to bring things from Spirit (God) through to the earth (to other people).  Woman are experts at this – this is exactly what you do when you give birth! You go to Spirit and usher the soul into the child’s physical. Only woman can “facilitate” in this way! During this process something very important happens, and this is why the Baby Blessing is such a crucial ceremony to perform for every child on earth. If not at birth, I would definitely recommend that you do the Baby Blessing for your child before the age of 5. You will make the world of difference for your child’s spirit!

Manifesting from Spirit is what all the great masters and inventors (who had great ideas which changed society), did. When our Chakras get blocked, we stop flowing the full “stream” of thoughts, ideas, creativity and beauty we are supposed to bring to this world! And that is why we can often notice that we are not progressing, we are not making money, our relationships are failing etc.

It is as important to keep your Chakras clean as it is to brush your teeth in the morning! Now you don’t have to have your Chakras cleared by a healer EVERY DAY, but at least once a month or once every two months will make a massive difference in your life! We have many wonderful tools and techniques handed down in a 3000 year old lineage from master to student so I know the tools and techniques I use is 100% safe and will not cause your eternal spiritual body any damage! That to me is so important because as a client, you are trusting me with your most sacred, holy vehicle!

If you feel like you have been going somewhat back and forward in 2018, come visit me for a quick Chakra clearing. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain! 30 minutes of your life to make a big difference! It’s worth going to the Gym to maintain your physical body, yes? This does the same for your spiritual body (soul)!

On the Sumika Website, you can browse to the Sessions section. We have an amazing Chakra Clearing, Shamanic Aura Clearing and Potatoe Healing on offer that will give your soul body so much relief, allowing you to flow new wonderful ideas into your life! What if you are the next upcoming millionaire and the idea is right behind you?  You just have to quiet your mind and bring it “home” from Spirit? I know there is so much more to me than what I currently give the world, and that is why I am relentless in my pursuit of an deeper understanding of myself and my God given talents! Know Thyself! That is they key to opening your potential in this life!

Visit for more information.

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