The Wheel of Karma

The Wheel of Karma

What is Karma?

Some traditions calls it cause and effect. Or some other cliches like: what goes around comes around etc.

I am sure if you look at the world around you, it will be difficult to tell if the Sisters of Karma are dishing out the goods. (Apology gracious Sisters – I am fully aware of your effectiveness). But to some people, looking at the world and the way in which it seems to operate and favour the corrupt, the dishonest, the deceptive, it could be quite the temptation to succumb to dubious practices in order to survive or in an attempt to try and get ahead in life.

I’m not saying all money is dishonest money. For sure not. But I have been around in the business world long enough and I have witnessed my fair share of shady practices. All in the name of “keeping the lights on”. There are always very good justifications and endless board room strategies are crafted to exploit loopholes for maximum profit.

In his book The Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie he talks about Karma as the following:

The “wheel of existence” or the “wheel of evolution” refers to the wheel of karma or destiny. Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action”. It is a destiny consciously chosen in life by each person, created by the total life experiences of all previous incarnations. Karma is the spiritual law of cause and effect – a law of consequences that plays itself out in psychic, moral and physical ways in the life of human beings. One of the fundamentals of karma is that you get back what you give out. Thus evil that you do in one lifetime will come back to haunt you in the next. Likewise, the good that you do in one lifetime will come back to you and reward you in the next. In this manner, the individual human soul slowly evolves over the course of many lifetimes, gradually learning through its mistakes and growing a little wiser, a little closer to the divine each time. In Buddhism, the “Wheel of life” or round of births is known as sasara. The mystic seeks to get off the wheel of incarnation as soon as possible, speeding up the process of spiritual growth through various techniques of meditation and magic. Once freed from the wheel, the soul of the mystic can merge with the ultimate unity that is God. The Hebrew term for this concept is tikkun or “redemption”.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be fooled by the illusion of bling and shiny things. Not be fooled by the temporary pleasures or allure of the lights. The reality is: if we are not going to pay the price in the physical, the time will come in the afterlife because somewhere the universe will find a way to correct imbalances that we created. It sounds like all scare tactics for humans to get us to be good. Everything we do is part of our learning, it’s part of you experiencing life – it’s trial and error. However, where you can, where you are cognisant of your actions, try to keep your balance on the wheel of Karma because the inevitable fall can hurt and it can hurt a whole lot more than the punches we swung.

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