The Seeds We Plant Today Will Carry Fruit Tomorrow

The Seeds We Plant

About 4 years ago I bought a little passion fruit plant. I’ve always wanted a garden with fresh fruit and this particular plant comes with very little maintenance and TLC. The result is that today, we literally pick bowls full of organically grown purple fruit from this luscious bush. This is definitely a “seed” in my life I don’t regret planting. On the other hand, I have other green adventures that did not play out as successfully. Case in point below: The rest of my garden is a pretty middle-growth site as in the picture directly above. I even have a little corner in the shade with a bench where I can escape in a chapter or three. Considering that I can’t even keep a cactus alive, this is not a small feat. Even though my husband is the avid gardener and guardian of the “growth”, I am the master architect behind the layout and content of this patch of green heaven in our life.

Walking in the garden today, I thought about what other seeds I am glad to have planted in my life. Some may have fruit already, and some may be germinating.

I am proud of the following greenery in my life:

a. My personal growth and spiritual path. I have come a long way with the grace of God and the support of amazing teachers and colleagues who has been instrumental in my empowerment and growth. Eight years ago I received my first Life Activation and it changed EVERYTHING.

b. My hunky husband I reconnected with 18 years ago. I say reconnect, because we’ve always known each other and I believe we are a divine union, here to walk each other home.

c. My two children. The combination of subdued mischief in my daughter, and the extravagant performer in my son, lightens up many a gloomy day. You can not sit in a corner and feel sorry for yourself with them around. They are just too certain of themselves and the joy they bring. They demand their pound of playful flesh!

d. My three business concerns. Having never been one to sit still, I always make work if I don’t have work. It is something I am really trying to “work” out of me (pun intended). Each and every venture brings out a different side of me and it stimulates a different creativity and is an expression of my uniqueness. I might not trade as much time with my children for the growth of business ventures in future, but I will definitely not take the route of being Mom only. There is too much in this world I still want to discover and experience. Each business taught me profound principles in life, and even though some have been more commercially viable than others, I do not regret a minute I’ve spent in creating something out of nothing.

I am currently on a 10 month transformational programme called Kabbalah. During this programme, life shows you all the seeds, plants and trees that does not serve you in your garden of life and if you are brave enough, allows you to pull it out from between your greenery.

Today, I am grateful for my Eternal Father and Gardner who has only my best interest at heart and I trust his judgement in the pruning of my garden.

If you are interested in getting rid of the non-serving “greenery” of your life, contact me for details about the next and upcoming Kabbalah programme in Cape Town.

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