The Power of Passion

The Power of Passion

One thing that I’ve observed in people, is how they as an introverts, turn extroverted when in the right environment. I see this especially in my daughter. In her case the right environment is the hockey field. I find it fascinating that sports (or movement/kinetics) is the catalyst for her outward expression. She is the shiest person you’ll come across, but when she scores a goal, she prances like a buck, swinging her fist in the air! She hates being photographed, but when she wins an award, she poses and makes jokes with the trophy – and everyone laughs, because they know that she is so out of her normal character!  It is such a pleasure to observe her and I would pay any amount of money to help her live out her passion for the sport – because I know how it helps her regulate her emotions (it helps her keep balance) and because I know what she gains from the team dynamics, healthy lifestyle etc.

For me, that passion spark is ignited when I teach a class called Empower Thyself and secondly, when I take photos! The absolute kick I get when people meet me and my camera for the first time, scared, shy and apprehensive. After about 40 minutes of our shoot, they start to relax and completely starts to lean into their body, their look, their smile – all the reservations out the door! I absolutely love it!

People have told me that something lights up”” in my eyes when I take photos. For example – I always stay with a beautiful family in Canada when I go to visit there. One day we went down town and I took pictures of them. The mother of the family kept laughing at me and she told me with the biggest smile: “I’ve never seen you like this before!” …………….And they’ve known me for some time!

My question to you is: what ignites your spark? What stirs your passion? What makes you feel alive?

For some people it can be gym, spending time in the outdoors, camping, adrenaline sports, creating art, movement, dance, telling stories, socialising, making people laugh – what makes you feel life the creator being that you are? What reminds you of who you truly are? And more so, do you make time for this in your routine every day?

My encouragement to you would be this: prioritizing yourself and the things that makes you feel alive is not only important – it is critical! Make time in your week for what sets your heart flame alight!

Passion vs. Obsession?

I’m going to throw a spanner in the works: is what you spend your time on a means of igniting your soul, or is it an obsession, a ghost you chace, a means of escape? Because any of the above….. can be your vice! Yes, like everything in life has duality – a double edged sword – look at your “passion projects” and make very sure that they are not coping mechanisms for you to avoid dealing with your feelings.

How can you know which it is?

Well if you for instance realize that you used to swim every morning as a child, in order to deal with abuse at home, that “passion project or habit” can actually be a fancy coping mechanism. If the emotions/trauma from the past are undealt with, it will show up in your life in other toxic ways e.g. you are grumpy and miserable with your spouse if you’ve not had your swim for the day, instead of having a discussion with your partner to talk through a problem, you go to the gym or ride your motorbike at high speeds – there is a problem. It’s like an addiction. However, if you do your inner work (your healing), you can potentially engage with your chosen activity from a healthy perspective! Exercise, hobbies etc. has so many positive effects on your life!

Do you get how passion, obsession, creative expression, emotional health and habits can be in or out of balance?

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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