The Past in the Future?

Can the past exist in the future?

Apparently it can and it is a more common occurrence than believed to be true. In fact, it happens almost every minute on the minute – and almost everywhere around the globe!

Take a quick minute to reflect for yourself:

  • How much of your life are you living in the now?
  • How much time are you spending in remorse of the past or planning the future?
  • How much of your life are you creating and choosing because of what you are experiencing what is really present?

Are you sure that you are in control of the decisions you make in life?

Sometimes we live our past over and over like an old tape that is being played on repeat. How much of what you are deciding in the moment is based on clear, facts in front of you that you carefully considered and consciously evaluated? Or how many of your decisions are made consciously – and how many are completely influenced or controlled from your subconsciousness?

 Are you making decisions that you feel obliged to make?
This brings me back to my question: Can the past exist in the future? I think the answer is a resounding: Yes. If you allow it to!
Our subconsciousness (or programming) tends to take over the driver seat of our life. This will make any human unhappy, depressed and left without a will to live! Why? Because we came to be unique! We each came to have our own path, our own lessons, our own mistakes and our own experiences! We can not and should not live another’s life. Just because a certain formula (e.g. becoming a lawyer) worked for your father, your grandfather and your grand father’s father, doesn’t mean it will work for you! You came with your own contracts and wishes of what you’d like to do on this earth, and you are under no obligation to live according to someone else’s definition of success!
Your abundance will come from your alignment to your true authentic self – be that – and your life will be a success!

Love and Moonlight,



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