The Magick of Animals

The Magick of Animals

Ever since I found the Mystery School Path, animals has been especially coming into my awareness field. They have been literally throwing themselves into my path, eyesight, walked on/over me etc. And other times I reach out. But whichever way we connected, they brought a special message with them.


Every now and then, I take my Power Animal Oracle cards, and draw three cards. Without fail, the animals reveal their special magick and message to those who seek to listen. Without fail for me and my clients, there is a special message from our faithful furry angels.


Tonight I decided to draw a deck and the following came forward:


SNAKE – You are a Healer (Suprise suprise!)


Phrases like: “Don’t fear your healing power. It’s your destiny to relieve the suffering of others, and as you do so, you transform your own suffering – from this and other lifetimes – into compassion and love, which is the purest expression of life energy you can have” That is healing, no matter what the form is. The more open you remain, the more the master power of the universe can come through you and create miracles.” Boy – did I need to hear that!


RACCOON – You have all the resources you need (I am moving house! It didn’t feel like it a week ago!)


The phrase that caught my eye in this reading: “Everything you need is right in front of you if you only look. There’s no need to be fussing about this and that, creating drama and turmoil, worrying about whatever you’ll have enough the next hour, the next day, or the next week. Whatever you need will be there.” Boy – did I need to hear that!


LIZARD – Pay attention to your dreams and visions (I have been having surreal, absurd and vivid dreams the last two days already!)


The last phrase gave me so much peace: “Your dreams and visions are the window into this absolute reality, so watch your dreams closely and pay attention to your visions. They will always guide you and lead you, but most especially at this time.”  I am so excited about the new layer of revelations ahead on my inward journey! Some secret and gift from the Universe in my future to look forward to!


The specific deck by Steven D. Farmer I use really has served me tremendously. I find the cards and the energy behind to be very clean and the animals are so keen to guide us with their resourceful strategies and techniques to survive and thrive! Seeing that they co-habitat with us – I think it makes a lot of sense to learn from their centuries of instinct as it clearly made them survive (until man came and carelessly destroyed their natural surroundings).


I have found that the more I draw closer to the animals – the more they draw closer to serve me and for that I am grateful! Living on a farm gives ample opportunity to stumble across a message, but I have to say, without fail – no matter the surrounding area – they find their way to deliver their important message from God to me!


I am grateful and humble to receive their guidance! They are so pure and unpolluted by manly fears and judgements! Have you noticed any animals coming into your awareness field lately?

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