The Influence of the Subconscious Mind

The Influence of the Subconscious Mind

How many of the thoughts that goes through your mind can be classified as “conscious” thought and how much of these impulses comes from the subconscious mind? Throughout the centuries its been proven that very little of the mind (and our thought world) is actually conscious. If you think about the involuntary muscle groups like your eyelids, your heart and the knee jerk reaction, these are all happening without you consciously instructing these muscles to expand and contract!

The whole field of modern psychology is engrossed and fascinated with studies of the mind, psyche, thought patterns and ultimately – what influences the decision making of humans.

Various schools of thought differ, but at most it is estimated that we use a mere 10% of our brain capacity (and thus potential) in this lifetime! How does that make sense for all humans to have their own 100% capacity and potential, yet we are only able to use 10 percent if we are on a good innings? Could this lack of “completion” and fulfilment of potential to be laid at the table of the “designer” or is this up to the “creation” to unearth?

Who’s responsibility is the evolution of the species?

If you wonder about the influence of your subconscious mind, let me give you an example, then you can decide if you are remotely influenced by situations like this in your daily life.

This evening I was watching a romantic comedy online. In one particular scene, the main actress are not able to enter an archive room with the food and drink she held in her hand. In a somewhat comical determination, she decides to devour the whole pie and cup of coffee in front of the clerk who is blocking her access. Clearly annoyed with what seems to be a very logical access constraint. A couple of minutes further into them movie, I get up, go to the fridge, get something to drink and to eat (it is 12h30 at night I have NO reason to be hungry that time of the night and a had a lovely cooked dinner before). Still, I do not click that subconsciously, watching this lady eating a pie made me think that I must be hungry! Only when I touched the microwave door to open the heated pie do I realise that I acted purely on an impulse from my subconscious mind!

And JUST LIKE THAT! I surrendered my sound decision making skills and will, to a not so healthy choice! It was like an electric shock that wen through me when I connected the dots of my action!

You see EVERY thought is a creation and YOU are the creator! That is how you create your reality! So even from your “negative” subconscious thoughts, you create your world! So both good and bad thoughts create your world! And if 90 percent of those thoughts are subconscious – then Houston – we have a massive problem!

Herein lies the dilemma – how do I “catch” or redirect a thought? In a class called Empower Thyself we delve much deeper into the workings of our mind and how to curb or control these bad thoughts that come up from time to time. And we all have them! But the trick of life is – how to redirect or eliminate them so that they don’t create a reality that you don’t want to have! Herein lies hidden the keys of true change!

Do you want to change any part of the life you are living currently? This is the key! Do yourself a favour: EMPOWER YOURSELF!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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