Sustainable Emotions

Sustainable Emotions

Throughout centuries, humanity gently woke up to the more subtle nuances of existence. In the beginning years, history tells us that people sacrificed little children to appease the Gods. Today we can almost not comprehend how a whole society could be that desensitised and cruel.

If you were clever, had any knowledge of herbs, medicine, and the weather patterns – you were labeled a witch, to which (excuse the pun), you were burned at the stakes. By that definition, every healer, doctor and every psychiatrist today, would have faced the big fire of execution!

Around 100 years ago still, woman had no voting rights in America. In South Africa, Black people were barely allowed a basic education, couldn’t walk outside their home after 8 O’clock at night, had to wear an identity pass at all times, and could not love a woman from another race!

Today, most of this is incomprehensible to the majority of the world (albeit not completely eradicated, separation is still perpetuated by unseen cultural norms and expectations). At least most of these atrocities it’s not part of our legislative frameworks anymore.

Luckily humanity seems to be wising up, and even though we often continue to judge each other and do all sorts of cruel things, we are definitely becoming more aware of the importance of our responsibility to look after Mother Nature. There is a lot more work to do if we want to continue to live and thrive on this planet, but our practices around sustainable resource management needs a major gear shift, if we want our kids to continue to live on the resources of this planet.

Even though I don’t necessarily see myself taking up a cause as eco warrior, I am more fascinated by the human psyche and I would most certainly take up my flag to promote the sustainable use or our human energy, especially our emotional energy.

I see people spending, abusing, overanalysing, stockpiling, underusing, misunderstanding and denying their emotions every day. Sometime people permanently ram in extreme emotions. Seeking a thrill, projecting drama and succumbing to uncontrolled passions and desires.  Others are jumping from one high intensity emotion, to the other. Sometimes people are so in denial that they are hurting, they can’t even name any emotion – they can’t say what they feel. Sometimes they are plagued by fluctuating emotions – up and down, up and down.

So much energy wasted on either over reacting with intensity (taking too much emotional action) versus complete suppression and an unwillingness to let the compass of the human body guide them to their true north. All of this leaks energy! (And money by the way, because money is an energy!).

This is why Masters like Jesus The Christ taught  about walking the Middle Pillar (Kabbalah Tree of Life), this why Master Buddha teaches us about meditation and keeping the mind (and emotions!) still. Every aspect of spiritual and physical master revolves around the mastery of our human emotions.

I believe our worldly systems is not designed or operating around sustainability principles, because we as humans directly are not mentally aware enough of the sustainable use of our own internal resources (emotions). As within, so without. The only way to do it is by starting with ourselves. Find your center – find the neutral of your emotions. That is where you will find peace. Become the change you want to see in the world! It all starts inside you and me!

Love and Moonlight,



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