The Story of the Tortoise and the Lettuce

The Story of the Tortoise and the Lettuce

We are quite outdoorsy people and we love to visit different destinations over the weekends. Apart from spending time with the children and in nature, we use the opportunity to connect with good friends and to have good food. We live on a farm bordering the city (we are 8 minutes away from the nearest Mall yet we hardly have traffic passing our house). The best of both worlds really.

Living on the farm means that we have a lot of contact with the element of earth and animals.  Very early on, we realised that as a family we have an intense connection with animals and that they bring messages to us. We believe,  they are a way of God to communicate with us and basically send forth “hints” about where we are in our spiritual development, and that if you listen carefully, you will hear the whispers and reminders from God in everything around you.

So, it came as no surprise when, a tortoise came out of the bushes and walked across the lawn, towards the mountain and waterfalls behind us. Co-incidence you say? Maybe, or maybe not. I can not convince you of that truth, you must start to experience it for yourself to believe it. And to do that, you must open your heart and mind to the possibility that it could happen, and that is where most people get stuck.

Being a rescuer by nature (personal clue number one for me) I took it upon myself to get some lettuce and a bowl of water to put in front of the tortoise. Stupid me, as if this wild animal needs my intervention to survive! Second lesson:  he walked right past the juicy lettuce and the white bowl of water, I thought to myself: “Silly animal, why would you not accept this juicy, easy accessible sustenance I’m providing for you?”.

I thought about it for a while and realised that this was my pattern in life. I would take a perfectly good gift with perfectly good intention. I would put it in front of people I perceived “worthy” of my love. Only to be disappointed time and time again, because they would either reject the gift or not eat all of it and my attachment to what I believe their response SHOULD be would get the better of me. I would get negative about serving people because they did not response to it the way I wanted them too.

I realised that I had to begin to take responsibility for discerning about who I put my gifts in front of. I also realised that I shouldn’t take the rejection personally because often, people are not able to recognise your gift of love – as example the tortoise he didn’t not recognise the water, he didn’t recognise this big massive white bowl I’ve plonked right in front of him. The bowl was almost the size of his shell, it must have been intimidating to him! Or as with humans, if a person is hurt by a family member or never experienced the kind of love that I am trying to put in front of them, how can I feel rejected by the person if they don’t engage with my love/gift? They are just not able to recognise the gift that is placed in front of them and they need time to heal more to be able to reciprocate it. We are all going to end in 100% true love in the end right? That is what this earth journey is all about – to come and learn about true, pure love until we go to the Light!

I always try to find my mirror in these situations as well. No use in pointing fingers to the world out there to constantly say “you are not ready for my love”, “I’m so superior and perfect in my love I’m giving to you”, “he or she rejected my love” etc etc.  My piece that I need to own, is the fact that this little tortoise in service came to tell me that I am rejecting a bigger and more unconditional love from someone who has placed their gift in front of me, with very good intention and that I need to get out of my head, into my heart to recognise and accept it.

If you are ready to take things deeper in your life, if you are ready to experience life and love more to the full, there are ways to exponentially increase your healing process, so that you can live in that love on earth for as long as you can. We can’t change the hurts of our past. But we can heal it and learn how to respond differently when that same lesson comes around again.

Thank you tiny tortoise for this profound lesson in life! This is a classic example of the saying “If you don’t believe in the magic you will never find it”. This is a very easy sign to miss but to be able to pick up on it, we have to allow our brains to be rewired and cleaned from all the proverbial junk we are carrying in the trunk!

Our healing modalities are listed on the website under Sessions. You are welcome to browse through and see what resonates with you. I believe our tools work, I believe we can make a difference in your life.

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