Spirituality as a Hobby

Spirituality as a Hobby

The one thing that I have observed in myself and others is this: when it comes to spirituality, treating it as a hobby is not going to serve us or give too much momentum, much less produce an abundant life. If we are going to seek answers and strive to connect with someone or something divine (God), treating it as a sideline activity, will yield similar results.


So what is a hobby? Something that brings us pleasure? Something that we have an unusual interest in? Something to simply dabble in when we have a minute to spare? Something to make us feel good? Or is it something that requires relentless discipline and pursuit?


Off course it can be all the above – or none of it! It is after all our life, our individual path with our own decision to make.


My experience with Spirit is this: it requires hard work, dedication, discipline and repeated efforts to increase our vibrational frequency in order to EXPERIENCE the essence of God. God (being a divine being) wants us to connect outside of our “primal” frequency in order to show us the magnificence of it’s divine being. We can not understand unlimited potential from a limited perspective. We are here to learn discernment for ourselves. Discernment so we can choose between good and evil, light and darkness, positive or negative. We must elevate ourselves and our thoughts, in order to open our senses to experience God more fully.  I believe that God or Spirit can show itself to us in any moment of time, as there is no limitation to God’s ability to reach us. But for the most, I have found that seeking God or a deeper knowledge of ourselves in relation to God, is a relentless pursuit and that constant re-dedication is needed.  A daily decision seeking to connect this external power to what we have inside of us. We have to reach out and and “plug in” to the Will of a higher being in order to raise our consciousness. Pretty much what Spiritual Masters like Jesus and Buddha showed us possible to do.


Think of Monks, Priests, Rabbi’s, Nuns etc. All major religions have their groups of spiritual super heroes. Beings dedicated to serving themselves and humanity in an effort to seek and express the love of God on this earth. To some of us this level of “sacrifice” seems quite daunting.  It is hard to think of choosing not to have a family and normal human life, in order to serve a higher cause. It is not entirely comfortable for us to think about a selfless life with a heart willing to sacrifice everything in order to find a higher understanding of God (or Source – however you choose to call a higher creator energy). Yet, it tells us, that there must be merit in seeking a connection with our whole being.


What I love about the tools in the Modern Mystery School is that I can bring that empowerment and elevation to people with the ancient tools handed down in an unbroken 3000 year old lineage – followed by all the great masters of history. I can have my family, my career and anything I dream of, while serving humanity on a full time basis. They key is to find joy in service and that makes it hardly a sacrifice to serve humanity. It makes it an honour!


One thing is clear to me: if we are going to treat seeking God as a hobby, we will have mediocre results.  If we find ways to bring that holy sacredness into our being, into our dwellings (houses were we live), we will be able to have more abundance than any generation in the history of this planet.


As a Teacher and a Guide in the Modern Mystery School it is my passion to teach people a wide array of wonderful tools to be able to raise their frequency and to understand how to better connect with God (or Source). Why would you want to do that? Well because in opening our senses and in making our subconscious more conscious, we increase the capacity of our “transmitters” to better receive the guidance and messages from Spirit. Why would you want this ability? To have a richer life experience and to have more joy and abundance in your life! After all, we came to this world to learn about being a spirit manifested in the physical! Us enjoying physicality (walking on grass, touching sand, swimming in water, kissing a lover, hugging our children) that is what it is all about! But more so, how to take the divine inspiration we receive from Spirit and bring that dream into reality according to our divine purpose or contract with our Creator.  If you are interested in learning more about these dynamics, contact me for details of the next upcoming Empower Thyself Course in your area. You can take yourself through a door of new invention. You can change your destiny. Empower Thyself – it’s a game changer!

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