Speaking as a Woman

Speaking as a Woman

The following is a post made by Dr. Ann Donnely who serves as an active member of the Council of 12 woman who are the leadership team of The Modern mystery School – as taken from Facebook today:
“Speaking as a woman,
If we do not have flow in our lives, please remember, in order to receive, we need to open.
Generally speaking, as a woman we close down or shut down in response to hurt & to rejection.
It’s a response to avoid further pain.
When we are shut down it is the most unnatural state of our being & flow cannot happen.
This is why, in order to break the spirit of a nation during war, soldiers attack women, defiling their bodies & shutting down the source of creation in the nation.
It takes the energy & strong will of women to rebuild & break free from the chains of atrocity & cruelty.
As women, in order to receive we need to open.
In order to open we require to heal.
In order to heal we must soften & acknowledge our divine feminine nature.
Of course, we ultimately must decide what it is that we want to create!
We must say no to anything that is not in accordance with our divine nature.
Learn to say NO when something is not right!
Stand in your power as a woman!
How do we know what resonates with us & what does not?
This is where true strength emerges… when we take the journey to truly ‘know thyself’
To know the height, depth & breadth of your own soul.
The sign over every Mystery School … ‘Know Thyself’.
We are the creators, the nurturers, the wise & the captivating source of new beginnings.
It begins inside each one of us.
Do not underestimate your power to create & what shall we create?
What does our planet need most?
We need peace, inside, outside, all around.
It starts with our attitude to ourselves & every soul we meet.
Don’t shy away from the truth of your power!
Let’s co-create peace together.❤️
With my love
Dr Ann❤️

I can not possibly write this any better. This is too good not to share with you!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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