Shortcuts of Life

Shortcuts of Life

A question I get asked a lot is: ‘What do you do”. I explain that I am a healer who helps people to move past blockages and obstacles in their life. The next question is normally: “But how”? And then I proceed to explain the profound power we all carry as humans. We can all heal ourselves. If you break your arm, you go to the doctor and following some medical procedure or intervention, you go home to basically do the rest of the healing by yourself right?

With the spiritual body, it works exactly the same. I am trained in a 3000 year old lineage to know and understand exactly what to do in order to facilitate healing in your spiritual body. Then next question becomes – “but what does the spiritual body matter – you can’t see it”? Well actually, it matters a whole lot. Your Spiritual Body is who and what you really are. It is what you were before you were born in the physical on this earth, and it is the part of you that will continue to exist for eternity. So yes, it matters a lot and more so, what you don’t heal or progress from in this physical life, is what you will have to deal with “on the other side”. Contrary to popular belief, when you die, all troubles and pains do not automatically go away because you are dead. As a soul and a spirit – you have a purpose and a mission. You have lessons to learn – you came to this earth to evolve to the next level of your progression. That which you did not learn – you will continue to face “on the other side”.  Fun right?!

About 8 years ago, a friend introduced me to the Life Activation protocol. At the time, I was really just getting a healing to support my friend’s latest business venture. Little did I know what amazing adventures this path of progression would lead my soul on! I am not a person who likes revisiting the past very often, but in hindsight, I can draw a clear line in my life between the condition of my soul before and after the Life Activation. Ever since that session, I have attended so many healing sessions and classes, and I saw the change and results of this path first hand, before deciding to become a practitioner myself.

Over the years, I have had sisters bonding for the first time in their life, children and parents reunited after bitter bitter battles, which lasted for many years. I have seen the personal and community miracles of this path.  All as a direct result of them making themselves willing to benefit from these interventions. People came with a pure heart, open and willing to receive, willing to learn and often quite frankly – sick and tired of the stuckness and ugliness of their situation at the time. It doesn’t really matter what drives you to find this path. Often I see young children, rebelling against the system and driving or let’s say “guiding” their parents towards finding this “alternative” path. I always laugh when people talk about “alternative” therapies etc because really – these were the original systems used to heal and cure mankind! It is only clever marketing drives and conditioning that could have brain washed society to believe that these ancient holy practices are some how sub grade alternatives to modern medicine and psychology.

A good analogy of this path is to describe it as the “shortcut keys” of the Universal processing system. Yes, sure you can take the long route of taking the computer mouse to insert a table into your document you are typing. But hey, if you have shortcut keys available AND you know how to use them, you will complete the task so much quicker! This way, you have time to be more productive and/or have a longer coffee break (more fun!) perhaps? What if you could take a short cut, or speed up the pace, with which you are progressing through your life lessons and you can pack more life into this lifetime?

How often have you looked at people and went: “How on EARTH do you get all of that done?” or “Where do you get the energy to do all that?” or “Why does your life seem so much more together – you seem so calm and things just work out for you?”. Truth be told, as a human race – if we have not managed to figure out ways to progress faster or alleviate suffering by now – when are we going to do so? Or perhaps we did figure it out a long time ago, and we are living in a society brain washed to believe that only the current status quo exist? You decide for yourself.

I saw 8 years ago, that my life was not progressing at the rate I wanted it to. I saw suffering in the world and I decided that I wanted to embark on a journey to bring about change and help people who were suffering from trauma, painful experiences, depression, hopelessness, apathy etc. That is why I decided to qualify myself as a practitioner of all these amazing modalities.

The Life Activation was my CTR + A (Select All) button I pressed in my life. I made a statement to the Universe that I wanted to experience IT ALL. I wanted to experience it faster, so that I can help others move forward. I wanted to use the lessons I have learnt to teach others. If you are ready to activate the fast forward button of your life – contact me for a Life Activation – I’ll be happy to serve you and who knows – we might even enjoy a cup of tea afterwards! More life, more love, more abundance, more joy – who doesn’t want that?

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