Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is believing, or is it? So many people rely only on what they can “see”. If they can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. What about your other senses?  What about the things you can hear, feel, or taste? People see “facts” as things that the majority of humans can observe through their 5 senses. You would not have been able to observe and agree with some of those “facts”, if you had for instance an audio impairment?

You might be happy to accept that seeing is not the only sense (or transmitter “device” you have)? You can use all 5 your physical senses to translate and interpret the experiences you have in this world. But what about your 5 spirit or soul senses?

If we are going on the premise of “as above, so below” or “as within, so without”, if we have 5 physical senses, we must have 5 soul or spirit senses.

If you can hear it (like sound),  are you willing to believe it?  For most people that is, unless off course, it’s a paranormal recording or a picture of an orb or something “physical” like that used as evidence to proof “spiritual stuff”?

I am not saying those are conclusive evidence that the spirit world exists, but when “spiritualists” bring up that as evidence pieces, it is often disregarded. Even though the equipment used to capture the “evidence” was created by science. Sounds on a recording device, camera etc, it’s easily brushed off as a “coincidence” or fabrication by people who are “out of touch with reality”.  I actually find this quite hypocritical. Is this not the same as someone who is willing to limit human progression by filtering what is “science”? To rely on only evidence of what is observable only through the 5 physical senses really feels a bit inhabiting? Isn’t that a big massive mirror to look into?

What happens with the anomalies or “miracles”. How did they happen? And we have plenty records of abnormalities, anomalies and case files that redefines the spectrum and boundaries of what “normal” looks like. In fact, scientists are fascinated buy abnormalities.

If for a moment we entertain the idea that the world, the Universe is unlimited….how can we then only have 5 physical senses to explore all that? Surely there is more? And off course, if you die you loose all those senses in any case. What is left with to explore the rest of your existence? Or is it easier to believe that life ceases to exist after death?

What happens to your energy? Albert Einstein said you cannot destroy energy – just change it’s form? So how can you as a pure energy seize to exist? Isn’t it a bit short sighted of anyone to claim that one can only believe in what we see?

More sadly – how limiting is that to our physical experience?

There are ways to explore or experience the spiritual world, while we are in the physical. In doing so, we find a fuller life experience when our physical senses are engaged.

Imagine! What if we are spiritual beings having a PHYSICAL experience?! Ironically I see most humans trying to cope with the physical reality by trying to escape into the spiritual reality using sex, drugs and plant spirits! The pure scale of use of substances like marijuana shows us that human want to escape because we created a really terrible life here on earth. Our human systems sourly fail the masses on a daily basis. WE created it!

Your senses (physical and spiritual) are in essence how you engage, how you relate and how you interpret that which you are experiencing. It is what you use to relate to the consciousness that you are. To rely on only one of your 5 physical senses, seems like a very limited way of experiencing life? I am all for being logical, realistic and practical, but can you not be spiritual and all those things at once? Because I know I for sure see my self as having all that from a spiritual point of view?  When discounting the spiritual world in science because you don’t believe in it, isn’t that bringing your own agenda into your science? That is dodgy scientific practice!

Worse: isn’t that limiting us as a human race? How many undiscovered wonders exist out there because scientific brains are to consumed with observation through the physical senses?

I sometimes get people who are interested in what I do, however they want me to convince them that it is “real”. Quite often, they insinuate that I am out of touch with reality. I can “see” in someone’s aura, which they then try to to make out as fake, and basically imply that only naive looser type people who can’t cope with the hard reality of life would “fall for something like that’. That makes me so sad. Not for me, but for them. Think about it. When a doctor tells you you have two healthy legs to walk on, and you choose to only to hop along on one leg, who is the looser? Who is out of touch with reality? You have eyes to see in the physical, but you have a Third Eye to see in the spiritual. Just be cause you can not “see” what I can “see” – does it make me less intelligent or able to serve another human being as a healer of the Spirit Body? In fact, being able to communicate telepathically has always been seen as the higher evolutionary step of our species! It has always been predicted as part of our human future!

Another unrealistic expectation that people use to try to discredit the importance of healing work on the soul: people try one session to heal a physical ailment, and then expect it to work immediately. Do you go to the doctor with a broken leg an expect to walk the next day? No, it takes months before you can walk! Same goes for the spiritual body! However, if you heal issues from the spirit, it will not continue to re-occur. Off course a broken leg needs the intervention of a physician! However, your recovery WILL be quicker with energy work! It speeds up the healing process of the cells on atomic level!

“For the believer, proof is not necessary and for the sceptic, no proof is possible” Anon

So what is the real middle ground between hard facts, truth, unlimited possibilities of the undiscovered mysteries, and unfulfilled potential we carry as humans? The only real, honest way I believe, is to keep your heart (or if you are a scientist – your mind!) open for humans, the earth and the universe to reveal it’s incredible magnitude of mysteries to be revealed to us. But if being “scientific, intelligent and correct (or peer reviewed), means to discount or discard Spirit or what is observable through only the 5 physical senses” – then that science is not for me. Trying to proof your intelligence and superiority with academic knowledge and physical evidence or formulas only – that will lead to a very limited two dimensional experience of a multidimensional life! There is more! Are you ready to open your heart/mind?

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”
Isaac Asimov


Love and Moonlight,


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