Peacock in the Mirror

Peacock in the Mirror

Regular clients of Sumika Soul Spa know that we have four wild male peacocks on the farm. Many times, whilst at the peak of our sessions, we would be interrupted by one of the peacocks banging themselves against the front window.  Apart from giving us a massive fright, it’s also a brilliant conversation starter as there are so many similarities between us and the peacock stupidly banging his head against his own reflection in the window.

You see, Carl Jung said a very true thing: “everything that irritates us about someone, can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves”. True words if any! You see, like the peacock we recognise our alter ego in the window. Our instinct is to fight and destroy our “opponent”. The peacocks fight their reflection so hard, that they often draw their own blood.

This is what we do as humans – we recognise a bit of ourselves in someone else. We get irritated by their reflection of us and we start to gossip, spread rumours and degrade the other person. Meanwhile, all they are doing is reminding you of your own shortcomings and unhealed wounds. Instead of taking a minute to analyse and appreciate the service of the being in front of you, we start to discredit and destroy them because we don’t want to face the truth about ourselves. We are so busy telling ourselves that we are not the person in the mirror, meantime, we are repeating their same behaviour patterns, often just with a different mask on.

This week, when someone shows up that irritates the living daylights out of you – remember the lesson of the peacock:  “I am you, you are me and what irritates me about you, exists in me.” Stop for a minute, ask yourself “What is it about this person that irritates me so much”. Write it down if you must. Then, BE BRAVE! Take the next step: ask yourself:

Where in my life am I being nasty to someone?

Where am I disrespectful towards someone?

Where am I cursing someone?

Where am I jealous or envious of someone?

Where am I being non-appreciative and ungrateful?

Where am I cursing someone?

Where am I being manipulative?

Or whatever version of the above dialogue plays off in your inner chamber.

The answer might surprise you. None of us are without mistakes and as the words of wisdom Jesus put it so perfectly: ‘Let the one without sin, cast the first stone.” The moment you realize your own shortcomings, it becomes harder and harder to judge a fellow brother and sister. The moment the penny of this reality drops, it becomes harder and harder to stay in unforgiveness. The faster we can learn to identify these reflections in our lives, the faster we can get a better understanding of ourselves and who we truly are.  What if a way to speed up this awakening process existed?At Sumika Soul Spa we offer Emotional Cord Cuttings and Life Activation Sessions that will expedite your progression on the path to finding yourself.  The process of awakening to self is a daunting but rewarding experience. The process of seeking your higher self takes you closer to living out your fullest potential in this life time.

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