Our Own Experiences

Our Own Experiences

Generally – I would say that I am an activist. Not of a gender, race or specific group – but of Spirit.   Spirit or Spirituality can mean many things for many people. In fact, in some countries or big cities, it is seen as politically incorrect to even broach the topic of spirituality (but it is totally OK to discuss the neighbour’s affair, politics, money and your partner).


I live in a smallish community and my kids go to a small school. Everybody (and I mean everybody) seems to know everyone’s business. I live and work outside of town so for the most it is my husband that attends all the school events so he is more in the loop of things than I am.


The other day I attended a party – and someone came to me and started chatting to me about my work and what I do. Naturally I am not keen to talk about what I do  when it is a party. I really honour and love what I do and loud conversations, music and alcohol does not go with the sacredness and energy of this 3000 year old tradition. There is most certainly no judgement on anyone choosing to do so – it is just that I prefer not to have conversations about Spirit in those types of environments. Call it self- and tradition respect if you will.


Back to the story – the person themselves seemed quite open minded and spiritual, so I had no reservations about talking to them per se. They said that what I did sounded very interesting (however we have never talked about it). I gave a vague two sentences, upon which they interrupted me to say that they do not “talk to the dead”.


My answer (after a couple of seconds of confusion): “Me neither”!


I realise that considering the fact that it was a Halloween Party, it was probably not an out of place comment. And that is when it hit me. Someone must have been discussing the fact that I am “talking to the dead” for a living. And worse – this “someone” was in my kids’ school.


That just made me realise again to what extend people can keep themselves from progression and from growing themselves by listening and engaging in stories about other people – most of the time completely unfounded.


Your heart knows when you meet someone if you can trust them. It might not feel comfortable to meet everyone – they might challenge you (don’t confuse that) but you can see when someone has got things together and hold some wisdom. Don’t go and trick yourself out of progression, a friendship, a job, a partner by listening to everyone else’s stories about someone. Go and have a first hand experience and meet the person yourself. You might be surprised at the gift that is masked by gossip. I see so many people who are alone, I see so many beautiful people living in pain and it makes me sad. We are all divine beings with a divine mission on earth. Instead of misrepresenting each other – we should be uplifting each other!


Let go of the illusions, let go of the masks and most of all. The Stories. Have your own experience with people. Everyone is not the person who has hurt you in the past. Give new people a fair chance!


Who knows – in that, you might find love, joy, peace and a NEW YOU!

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