Open your Mouth

Open your Mouth

From the moment you are born, your parents sit in anxious anticipation to hear your first sounds, which later become words. You first words are celebrated and then repeated to you over and over again. When you grow a bit older (past the cute phase), you start to ask questions. Sometimes even before that you hear: “keep quiet”,”shhhhh”, “don’t say anything” or worse “shut your mouth”.

For many parent’s this has the desired effect – kids either start to keep quiet, or the plan backfires and the child turns into a total rebel that never keeps quiet. Both reactions are a trauma response. When the kid start to learn NOT to trust their own voice (their gifts, their thoughts or their emotions), they start to hold back on energy in their physical body. They learn that they are not allowed to express that emotion without a negative consequence e.g. like being reprimanded or rejected. So they cling on to “it” (words, emotions, energy, food, weight – you get the idea).

I recently saw this quote on my Facebook feed and it sparked something amazing inside me:

“Darling, you feel heavy because you are too full of truth. Open your mouth more. Let the truth exist somewhere other than inside your body.”

Della Hicks-Wilson

To this I want to say: YES!! EVERY person on this earth has a purpose and a unique key to life they hold! Yours can not be seen or heard without you showing it! Start opening your mouth about where you see injustice! Start opening your mouth about how you feel! Start standing up for what you believe to be good and true! And no matter what kind of prosecution you face, no matter how your voice quivers – KEEP SPEAKING until someone listens! Start standing in the gap between good and evil things that are happening on earth and START CHOOSING! Start choosing good and unify with others who are doing good because at some point or the other – WE HAVE TO TIP THE SCALE into the favour of good!

As someone who for many years struggled with just that too much of weight – I personally know that storing up those feelings and words will lead to an overweight body. The hermetic principle of “as above, so below, as within, so without” clearly teaches us that principle. You struggling to loose weight, may have very little to do with your diet or exercise regime! Off course it is a major contributing factor, but there are for sure medical cases recorded where some individuals are more resistant to weight loss than others.

In my own life I can see that I have lost a tremendous amount of physical and emotional weight by starting to speak up, instead of swallowing my words, or trying to hide what I truly feel! This all started changing when I became more authentic in my self expression.

Now you don’t have to always talk, talk, talk, talk or express, express, express! Life is about balance! And like you sometimes breathe in to live, you must also breathe out to live! The same goes with your self expression. The trick is to develop discernment so that you best learn when to express yourself to make your imprint on the world without expanding all your energy! Learning how to create change with grace is the ultimate form of self mastery and it is within all of our reach!

Love and Moonlight! Leonie 

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