Oh Captain My Captain

Oh Captain My Captain

There is something about society that I’ve never been able to figure out. Everyone is yelling and demanding for “good leaders” and “seeking to see change” in the world. Yet, when strong, free thinking individuals stand up and call or drive for that change, the same people that demanded their existence, quickly becomes the mob to drag them down.  When one person starts to rise or look like they are doing too well or are making too much of a difference, the effect of the 100 monkeys experiment starts.

No where in the world is that better illustrated than in the classic movie, Dead Poets Society.

Today, I want to reach out to you and say: “If you are in despair because you tried to make change, and you were dragged down by the same people who asked you to be the change”, then I want to say to you: “Oh Captain My Captain”.

You know who you are, you know that time will tell the truth of the story, and you know your contribution has changed lives. No matter  how unfairly you are prosecuted, stand strong. Try again. Reinvent yourself.

Keep going, the world is far from perfect. We need drivers of change, we need thought leaders, we need discernment and we need new ways. Keep spreading yours. It’s your legacy. Carpe Diem.

Love and Moonlight! Leonie 

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