Off the path

Off the Path

Quite often, I am confronted by people who knew me when I choose Christianity as my religious lens to view the world. I hear murmurings about the fact that “she has left the path” or more facetiously “she is off the path”. These comments are often made by people who are very religious and fanatic in their approach to faith.

This comment is clearly meant as an insult but truth be told, not much is taken.

My response is normally something like the following: “Which path” or “Who’s path”? This question is almost always met with silence by the person who relayed the message of betrayal.

I ask this question – not to be defensive or sarcastic – but to really determine if they have any idea of what path they are referring to? They don’t know that “the path”, that I used to be on, was one of following a man made set of rules and interpretations of God and Jesus. I for one am glad I left that path!

I know that the path which I am now on – the path of the Initiate (given to us by The Modern Mystery School), is the exact same path that Jesus and all the great masters of the world walked on for thousands and thousands of years before. People with immense wisdom, servant hearts and not to mention incredible legacies to advance humankind. Jesus was able to challenge the pharisees because he had first hand experience of walking A PATH – and they only had second hand book knowledge and theories.

I am happy that I am off the old path! I am happy to be walking the same path Jesus did! Does that mean I will face misunderstanding and prosecution? For sure! Is a student better than the master? Why did Jesus have to learn about physicality and spirit through these lessons if I don’t? He for one was way more enlightened and committed to service than any of us alive today!

Will I continue to walk the path Jesus did despite prosecution from ignorant voices? You bet ya!

Will I continue to serve humanity to understand their greater divinity? You bet ya!

With my last breath – I will help someone to see the light of a higher existence and purpose of themselves.

Until the day I die!


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  • Leonie Jordaan

    April 19, 2020 at 11:40 pm Reply

    Thank you for your post! Your feedback warms the heart – hope to hear more from you! Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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