My Personal Testimony & Confession

My Personal Testimony & Confession

All my life, I followed the rules and I played it safe.


I did everything society expected of me but often felt disillusioned by the fact that I wasn’t allowed to ask questions that was too challenging or “out of the box”.


I am a firm believer that there is an answer to all of life’s questions but why did I get so little from people I looked up to?


I’ve often wondered why seemingly “good” and hardworking people often made very little progress in life and simply didn’t get back what they put in. I couldn’t get myself to accept that “God tests those he loved most” or “God makes it harder for those He wishes to grow” or “maybe you are not at a place in your life where God can use you yet”. Something deep inside me knew that we were created as body, soul and spirit and I already had inside me what I needed to be useful to ourselves, our path and to God.


Having just survived a corporate career of 8 years, I also realised that our society has a much greater focus on the care and upkeep of the physical body, than that of the spiritual body.


Through divine intervention a friend introduced me to the “life activation” process.

I knew that I needed more “flow’ in my life and I knew that something had to change because whatever I was doing in the first 30 years of my life didn’t give me the momentum I wanted. We have only a short amount of time on earth to really make a difference. I sensed that I carried a lot of “dead” wood and beliefs that really was holding me back from experiencing a joyful, purposeful life.   I knew something had to change!


I was super skeptic! Being a vocational education and training specialist, I’ve seen my share of tools and gimmicks promising to transform and change behaviors. Truth be told very little of them delivered anything with longevity. People would leave on a “high” but soon life with all its challenges would wash them back to their former ways. I took each step of the journey with great caution and persisted through great resistance in my my own mind. For the better part of the process I was also just going with my friend’s idea to support her, but I didn’t think this “woo woo stuff” could serve any purpose. I was facing a further dilemma: in my community it was just not acceptable to try anything outside the proverbial box.


I stuck through the activation process for two hours – too happy that my friend could now stop bothering me about getting a life activation! To be honest for the most part of that day I thought I was losing it!  Initially I was quite disappointed because I didn’t see the thunder bolts and lighting expected! To further my woes I didn’t win the lotto in the week following the activation either!


Within a few months I started seeing the incredible fruit from the exercise.  I suddenly realised that I was thinking with a clarity of mind that I KNEW wasn’t part of my thinking three months ago. I found myself creative and even though I had been dead tired of running my own business for 8 years, I was working with new vigor and was literally “downloading” new business ideas automatically! It was almost as if my brain started working details out in my sleep that I could just access upon waking up! This is also what inspired me to qualify myself as a Life Activation Practitioner! I sensed that the time was right for me to make a move that would not only empower me but all the people around me.


Today I am a completely free and changed and truthfully a more beautiful and less judgmental person.


I decided to call my practice Sumika Healing Centre which means “house” or “dwelling” in Japanese. That is my dream for Sumika – to be a house or dwelling were people can come to for healing, community and to feel safe in the light.  Truthfully, we can all do with more light in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even know it, we are so used to our surroundings! The enemy is best at work when we are blissfully unaware that things can be better. We should not feel that we need to push the rock up the mountain every day. We all need to get to a place where things start to “work out”.


I believe in reality, we’ve lost the art of listening to that voice inside – if only we can only remember that it is okay to trust ourselves because inside of us we have everything we need to make this life glorious we just have to know how to ACTIVATE IT!


Love and Moonlight,


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