More on the Hermetic Moon Ceremony

More on the Hermetic Moon Ceremony

Hermetic Moon Ceremonies is different from any other Moon Ceremony out there. The principles and practices of this sacred monthly event has been protected by a sacred lineage and the hand down of this ceremony can only be done in an oral format from teacher to student.

The moon affects us 100% of the time. The moon is mirror in the sky, it reflects everything that happens back to us. With Moon Ceremonies we can go through a powerful gate to reinvent ourselves. Whatever you have going through your life at this time, you can change. During this ceremony you can be reborn and you don’t have to take any of it forward with you. The moon is feminine, and she is all about transformation and growth. The process helps us to stand in our true power by getting rid of stagnation in our lives. This is a very personal process and it will help to change specific things. To prepare yourself for this powerful releasing ceremony, bring a list of all the things you want to let go.

If you are interested in attending any of our sacred ceremonies RSVP to Leonie at 084 4517991 or

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