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What is Life Activation?

The Life Activation or DNA activation as it was previously called, is a healing modality that enables you to access your true potential.

But what does that mean?

Albert Einstein referred to the fact that we do not use more than 6-10% of our brain capacity and therefore, we are wasting a lot of our potential or “gifts” in life.

The question then becomes – is there a way to further develop our brain & potential in life? Is there a technology or a switch to make this shift?

The answer is an absolute: Yes! We are not victims of a differentiating cosmic handout scheme – we all received the same potential (with different contracts and a unique make-up in life).


Let’s start by explaining the following: everything that counts for our physical body, counts for our spiritual body, and therefore, if we have physical DNA, we must have Spiritual DNA. We are after all a spiritual being, having a physical experience. One day, our bodies will die, and our spirit and soul will continue to function. That is our true essence.


About 3000 years ago, King Salomon, as referred to in the Bible (or King Sulamein as he was referred to in Arabic circles), had a special interest in what would develop human potential.

He asked God for wisdom instead of wealth and he received both. He was a loving, well respected King and he wanted ALL his people to be able to have wisdom and abundance. He made it his life’s mission to find the keys to unlocking this potential.


He united the tribes of all the nations and asked each of them to send a medicine man, healer, oracle, shaman to come and study in his Temple for 20-30 years.


The outcome of these studies was the Life Activation.

He found that as humans, we have a 24 Strand DNA system. King Salomon and his team worked out how to activate 22 of these strands. This is what the DNA or Life Activation does. Talk about a peer reviewed process, right! Through the centuries, this healing was only made available to priests and priestesses who was serving the community to heal. Today, the Life Activation is available to all. This is what makes it such a special honour to be able to bring people the gift of this process!

So what will this activation process do for you?

This method is tested by time and over many centuries. It inspires people to move past barriers and achieve breakthroughs in their life. It awakens the dormant potential in each of us – making its way through blocks, issues, and weaknesses that we may not be aware of.

How do I know that I have any of these blocks and issues – I have a pretty good, average life?

We measure our success by our fruits, right? For everyone our potential, dreams and fruits can be completely different – and that is perfect.  However, if you are dissatisfied with any areas of your life, you probably have some blockages and areas where you can improve and evolve to the next level of you!


The Life Activation is the first step to becoming who you truly are and the most precious gift you will ever give yourself.


This session includes the following:

  • Aura Balancing
  • Negative Crystal Removal
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Crown Cap Removal
  • Tone Healing
  • Spark of Life healing

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