More on Isis Healing (Guide Healing)

What is Isis Healing (Guide Healing)?

It was handed to us by the Goddess Isis and her energy was about helping all people to have abundance. As a Goddess, she was always amongst the people. That was her goal. She walked amongst the people in the cities and talked to them.  Her goal was to bring abundance to all.


When we get hurt by people for instance, we feel an emotion or emotions as result of the external stimulus we experience. We then take these emotions through an internal process after which we either release it, or we store it in this energy field where they start to cause disruptions or blockages.  Signs of damage to the aura often include: scatteredness in a person, when people are going through major transitions in their life, people who are stuck mentally, inertia, emotionally constipated.


This in turn, starts to influence our ability to manifest or do the things on earth we came to do. We get so caught up in the rocking chair of emotions that we forget to live life and often we hurt other people around us. Even if they were not part of our initial hurt.


Depending on the severity of the trauma, more than one of these sessions may be required to bring the auric structure to a state of full repair.

Signs that you might benefit from a Guide Healing:

  • Out of touch with emotions, closed off
  • Scatteredness in a person
  • When people are going through major transitions
  • People who are stuck mentally
  • Feeling easily overwhelmed emotionally
  • Inertia
  • Emotionally constipated
  • Feeling out of balance
  • Sexual and reproductive issues
  • Inability to concentrate or focus on the task at hand
  • Seemingly constant drama in your life

  • Inability to see beyond your own small corner
  • Inability to take on other’s perspectives
  • Loss of imagination and no creativity
  • Out of touch with emotions and closed off
  • Sexual and reproductive issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Inability to receive love in any of its forms
  • Inability to speak up, set boundaries, or stand up
  • Brain fog
  • Overactive, overwhelming imagination
  • Feeling a sense of lack or loss with regards to love

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