More on Fire Soul Activation

More on Fire Soul Activation

The reality is that by simply living life, we sustain injuries to our spiritual body. These events often cause damage to the aura system that looks like a tiny tear in the spirit’s structure. Our life force energy leaks through these tiny tears and therefore we often struggle with money etc. Money is energy, and what happens within us, is what we manifest in the world around us. In South Africa especially we live in a harsh landscape and this damage can happen by simply driving to work.


The emotional impact of not having passion or fire include:

  • Signs of depression
  • Apathy
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Everything feels impossible
  • You feel disconnected from your purpose
  • Lack of direction and drive
  • Lack of sex drive and functional relationships
  • Struggle to be creative – especially if you are a fairly creative person
  • Our drive and focus at work or in the workplace


Unfortunately, relationships and pure sexual intercourse have been watered down by dating applications, violations, sexual abuse, power plays, sexual distortions and addictions, pornography and our country need a lot of healing when it comes to the restoring of sexual and emotional relations. This healing is a great start to igniting the flame of passion within.


Love is a primary need of us all. When we don’t get that love as a child, we try to fill it with physical sex. The other go-to coping mechanism is alcohol, drugs and co-dependent behaviour with a partner. We get addicted to feel good hormones and many more. All this negative energy that we absorb, accumulates in our auric structure and become stagnant energy which shows up in all sorts of ugly ways in our life.


Some of the benefits for this healing include:

  • A feeling of being alive
  • Vitality
  • Passion
  • Increased drive & life force energy
  • Healing from apathy
  • A shift in depression
  • Increase in creativity
  • Re-building of your magnetic structure that is depleted from flying,
  • EMFs from cell phones and other electronic devices


This healing is highly recommended when you have travelled on an aeroplane because this scrambles our magnetic energy and we struggle to settle back into daily life. The integration will be quicker, and you will have fewer long-term effects on your energy structure when you do this. I cannot recommend this healing enough! It is powerful!


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