More on Emotional Cord Cutting

Emotional Cord Cutting

Without realising it – our relationships often get complicated and even destructive, especially with people we have a close relationship with. Often, a bad break-up with a partner can be an indicator of much larger permanent issues and many emotional cords which accumulated over the years.


This includes the little boy you had an altercation within Grade 1 as well as any conflict you had with people who have passed on. This is how strong these cords are. Unless they are surgically released by a qualified practitioner, these will continue to have an impact on your life and decision-making processes.


I often visually see these cords like ivy creepers growing around us. Most people comment on feeling “light” after receiving this profound session. I also equate it to having a dirty windscreen and after wiping it clean – you can see where you are driving much better.


After the Life Activation – this is my next “must do” recommendation for people who are seeking to further themselves and their relationships.





  • Unhealthy attachment to our parents, animals, friends and even children.
  • Especially helps where you face conflict with colleagues – it really helps you to disconnect from the emotional drama.
  • Spouses or sexual partners – we are heavily corded to people we’ve had intimate relationships with. Even a passionate kiss of 7 minutes or more can cause one of these cords to grow. Sex will always result in cords.
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