Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

We live in a selfish culture. A culture WE collectively created on earth! Everything is about ME, MYSELF AND I.

My hurt, my pain, my love, my hate, my feelings, my life, my kids, my school, my work, my therapist, my car, my country and well, you get what I’m saying?

We evaluate everything around us by: will this make me comfortable, will this make me feel pretty, will this make me feel safe, will this make me money(rich), will this make me look good, will this make me happy and the list goes on. I see a lot of good people, trying very hard to do good. But at the end of the day, if you look just slightly below the surface, there is always a personal agenda. And we can try to trick ourselves for as long as we want to about doing it for “them” or “it’ or “they”, if unchecked, we stay slaves own ego and it continues until we find liberation.

“I have the right to live my life. I have the right to choose what I want to do.” Yes, off course you do! But if we all had that outlook on life, how would the hurt get healed, the hungry get fed, the abused be freed, the motherless be nurtured? How would we experience LOVE?

“Yes but I love my family!” Sure, but you still get something from your family. If you don’t go outside that circle, how would you learn about unconditional love?

The great philosopher, Socrates said it so beautifully: “The unexamined life, is not worth living.” And I couldn’t agree more.

By far the greatest and most selfless work we will EVER do is to: slay the negative ego, tame the beast inside, master thyself, know thyself, become enlightened, or whatever you want to call it. Because until we learn to not surrender our own free will to our own selfish desires, we will always be a slave to our impulses, a victim of our desires and worst of all NOT IN CONTROL OF OUR DESTINY! You will not be able to unlock your unique keys that you carry in the bigger picture of humanity! You will not be able to fulfil your PURPOSE! Thus, it will be very hard to have internal peace! And yes! You’ve guessed it! Like the old Hermetic saying goes – as without, so within! If you can’t create peace within yourself – THERE WILL NOT BE PEACE ON EARTH!

I am looking at the pictures being posted online about the conflict between Israel and Palestine and it hurts my heart. Yes, inside me I must still be shooting myself to pieces. I must still be attacking myself and judging myself for everything I do. How do I know it? I can read it in the news! I see families displaced, children being hurt and woman being raped and I know – somewhere inside – that part of myself in still unhealed and I get up from my couch with the knowledge: “I’ve got work to do!”

Do you struggle to identify what it is in your life that is your ego and what is your true authentic self at work? For the last 3000 years, there has been no better place to learn about exactly this topic conversation than a class called Empower Thyself. This is what The Modern Mystery School and Founder Gudni Gudnason has been bringing to the public since 1997, a privilege previously only reserved for a few people who had a chance encounter with a member. The world is ready for humanity’s awakening to it’s true essence and we are gearing up for a new world! What better way to let go of the old, hurtful patterns of the past! Your life will never be the same after doing it and you will simply not be able to see things through the old, dirty glasses again! It is a liberating experience – to say the least!

Yes we live in the age of self discovery and spirituality, but we also live in the age of information and with that information and knowledge comes RESPONSIBILITY. Have you been taking responsibility for yourself, your hurts and your actions lately? Have you been taking responsibility for the hurt and destruction your own selfish actions has caused another? If not, here’s the good news: EVERYDAY is a new day and an opportunity to go out make it right!

Love and Moonlight! Leonie 

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