Managing your Energy

Managing your Energy

In daily conversation, the undertone of your conversations with people creates positive energy for other people. It’s either that, or you blurt out negative energy towards the person who is willing to listen.  You basically use them as your free psychologist. This can be your hairdresser, the receptionist and even a friend. The stuff you talk about with other people, will either make THEM feel lighter or YOU feel lighter. If you feel lighter after talking to those people, think carefully about the fact if it was fair for you to put that energy (baggage) unto them? Not only is it not fair to expect them to help you carry that burden, it is not respectful towards them and it can be very degrading towards yourself!

We live in the age of responsibility. Are you taking responsibility for healing your hurts? Or are you like a rolling stone, moving along to the next ear who will listen to your side of the story, believing that your wounds are being healed because you feel “lighter” after a casual chat? It’s important that we take responsibility for the energy that we bring to life, friendships and conversations because it carries with it karma for what we “dump” on other. Hard reality to face. Make sure your energy brings light to another, and not make them feel heavy and depressive! That way you will make sure that you don’t keep creating heavy and depressive energy in your life!

Love and Moonlight! Leonie 

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