Lost in Love

Lost in Love



But is your love smothering you AND your partner? Is your partner’s love smothering you?


It is good to love! But have you lost sight of where you stop and they start? Have you integrated your life/contracts so much that you are not clear on what it is you should be doing? To love is good! But to loose your identity in that love perhaps not so much?


If you feel lost in your relationship and/or lack of relationships – contact us to help you redefine and assert the healthy boundaries. Get clarity on who you are, what you are here to do and know that even your partner can be creating invisible obstacles between you and your highest calling! Male and Female!


Do you want to break this sneaky toxic cycle? My advise is to find a coach! Someone who you take into confidence and someone you ASK TO CALL YOU ON YOUR REALITY! And then don’t deflect what is said back unto them – take your baggage and really look at it! Face it! So that you can decide for yourself what YOU are going to do to change it. Inspect your luggage and find out where you can break the cycle so that you can start to co create a new life with your partner. One where you are honouring your own contracts too. I have found very few people who’s purpose in life is only to be a mom, career woman, good wife, good cook, good parent! We have multiple contracts and they are still our responsibility to fulfill!


It does not help you to hide behind only socially acceptable roles in society! Also using I am a mom as an excuse not to fulfill your contracts of service with other people will not serve you on the long run. We are often tempted to run back into the safety and comfort of the known, yet we grow most when we are out of our comfort zones, when we are out of the harbour!


Serve your family – be a part of your family but don’t keep focus on your higher purpose! For you to know this you must be in contact with your higher self!


You can be a kind, loving mother and still work on the legacy for the greater community you want to leave behind. You can live for your bigger family (people in your community and country) while serving your direct family with love!


But I am so busy you say? How? If this article touched your heart strings or prodded something (and being uncomfortable in your seat is “something”!), contact me and we can work on a path for you to get to know yourself better so that you can start to set yourself some goals that includes serving: your family, your self and your wider community!

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