Living the Good Life

Living the Good Life

I often see people make decisions in pursuit of creating or living “a good life” or what their perception of a good life is. The question becomes: what makes us live the “good life”? What is the key to living a good life? What defines a “good life”?
Is it:
  • comfort
  • to have money
  • to have family
  • to have a good job
  • to have a good romantic partner
  • to be famous

And if it is as definitive as the above list. Is this true for all? How does it work?

For me, living the good life starts with having a connection with spirit and that is catalysed by having discernment. It starts with knowing how to make good choices. What does it mean in practice you ask? Well, everyone is different – our soul contracts are different. Yet there is a running theme through them all (that is a blog for another day). If your perceptual abilities are good and the “lenses” with which you view the world is clean, you are 100% more likely to make better life choices, which ultimately will allow you to have all or some of the above mentioned circumstances in your life. You see, Healers Academy in the Modern Mystery School does just that – it helps you develop your spiritual perceptual senses, so that you learn how to make better choices for yourself. Be that knowing if you should or shouldn’t buy a house/flatlet or if you should date a certain person. It opens up your “sixth sense” (and this is in inverted commas because you don’t have only one extra sense – the one sense is actually 5).

People always ask me: “Leonie, how can I change my life, I am not happy!” and my answer is always two fold – do a class called Empower Thyself so that you can figure out who and what you are on this earth, and step two is for you to do Healers Academy 1 – so that you can get a good clearing of your spiritual senses because THAT will connect you to Spirit AND it will give you better discernment in your life’s choices!

If you are curious about learning how to walk this path – contact me, I will help guide you through all the steps!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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